Image of package of libimax rhinomax 2500 pills for review of this male enhancement pill

We have probably completed more thorough reviews of Rhino Pills than anyone else in the supplement industry.  Since this "Rhinomax 2500" pill started surfacing on many of the online merchants selling on ebay and Bonanza, we decided to put this product to the test.


In this Rhinomax review, we will cover the following aspects of the product:


This pill's message & claims?


Rhinomax 2500 Ingredients?


Where Libimax Rhinomax comes from?


Is Rhinomax Safe or Effective?


Better alternatives (if any)?


Graphic represents this section discusses the Rhinomax pills messaging and product claims


We have to assume the producer of these pills has put what they consider the most important messaging for you, the consumer on the front of these packs.  What we can observe on the face of the Libimax Rhinomax 2500 package falls into two categories:

1) Statements found on almost every package bearing the "Rhino" name and...

2) Unique, new claims and offers.


Image of Libimax Rhinomax 2500 posing questions about label claims of its action


The old messaging at the top of the Rhinomax card is familiar.  If you have looked at many of these products, you will find the words "TIME SIZE STAMINA" on virtually every package produced.  These are apparent references to supposed benefits those who take the product might experience.


Now what's unique in this portion of the wording is the inclusion of the number "2500."  The significance of this number is not explained.  Is this supposed to be the weight or quantity of ingredients?  Since "mg" doesn't appear next to this number, we can only guess.


Another slight adjustment we see in the top section that is going to be important to health conscious consumers are the words "Natural Formula."  The unfortunate truth about this statement is that it's easily proven false.  Numerous tests by the FDA and other accredited laboratories have found this type of pill to be contaminated with undeclared substances.

Even if there weren't undeclared chemical ingredients in the formula of these Libimax pills, there is a near certainty they contain a "flow agent" called Magnesium Stearate.  This is a safe substance used in production of most capsules that keeps the ingredients from clumping-up and jamming the filling machine.  While considered safe, using it would keep the producer from being able to state "Natural Formula."

Image of the Libimax Rhinomax 2500 pill's 100% satisfaction guarantee symbol


The other new item you will find on the front of these packages is a seal that states this Rhinomax pill has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


There are no details about the guarantee on the package and there is no website, email or telephone number either.  Exactly WHO is it that's supposed to stand behind this guarantee.

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Image for Libimax Rhino max review indicating beginning of the ingredients review


Image of the Libimax Rhinomax 2500 ingredients supplement facts panel from back of pkg.


The Supplement Facts panel from this package of Libimax Rhinomax 2500 is shown above.  We have carefully inspected this and found a number of issues that legitimately should warrant removal of this product from the market for false advertising and fraudulent labeling.


The first major issue is the fact these Rhinomax pills list an ingredient weight of 2500mg.  This may not be apparent to most consumers, but a capsule like this would only be able to hold about 1000mg of really fine pharmaceutical content.  Actual use of botanical (natural / herbal) ingredients which are more coarse would drive this number down to around 800mg.


It's hard to believe they are still using the term "Deng Sen Extract" on this product after our national press release that proved it was nonexistent.  Yes, this product lists an ingredient that you cannon find on the open market, you cannot obtain reference testing samples of, nor locate any credible published information on- It is just plain FAKE.


As if the false ingredient weight and use of a fake ingredient name weren't enough, there's more bad news here...  They list "Superoxide Dismutase" as the first ingredient on the list.  That means there's supposed to be more of this substance in the formula than anything else.  The problem?  This enzyme is not absorbed if you eat it by mouth- It isn't absorbed in the GI tract.  I guess they just thought the name "sounded good."


Additionally, two other ingredient names on this panel are misspelled, but it really doesn't matter since these Rhinomax 2500 capsules don't contain a single thing that's on the list.  These sorts of issues are unheard of and totally impossible for products produced in US FDA-approved facilities where multiple checks and quality assurance tests are mandatory.


Image of Rhinomax name and factory indicating section of article discussing manufactuing

 Lets take a look at the back of the Rhinomax 2500 to see what else we can learn about these pills.


Image of the Libimax Rhinomax 2500 back panel with 7 numerals indicating problems.

 1. "1 Capsule Up to 12 Days." - Honestly, the versions of these pills that state they are good for 3 days are pushing it.  This is just ridiculous crap.


2. The "Supplement Facts Panel" is a compliance nightmare.  Absolutely nothing on this panel (which is treated as sacred by real manufacturers) looks like something a kindergartner did.  The clearest indication this product is imported from China.

3. "Made in the USA." While it's obvious the Rhinomax 2500 is an import for so many other reasons, the ingredient list makes it impossible to legally stamp "Made in USA" on this product.  All the listed ingredients are not US crops and even if they were "assembled" in the USA, wouldn't qualify.  Sorry.


4. "Exiom Health Science" - A fake company name.  You aren't going to find this in any state database.


5. "Exp. 12/2020" - Supplements are most often validated for 3 year periods- TOPS.  It's way over 3 years at the time of this blog post.  False expiration date.


6. UPC Code "494922715225"- Think it's registered to Exiom Health Science?  Nope.  Just a hijacked inactive bar code.


Time to wake up America.  Quit playing games with these Chinese pills.  Try a REAL SUPPLEMENT from MaxLabs US.

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