2017 REVIEW OF HANGOVER Remedies: Hangover Cures That Work


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According to U.S. National Institutes of Health data, 70.1% of American adults report consuming alcohol annually, 56% drink at least monthly and a whopping 26.9% engage in binge drinking each month[i]  Bottom line- There is a lot of Alcohol flowing, so it’s no wonder “Hangover cures that work” is a term tens of thousands of people enter into their trusty internet search engines every month.


A wide range of products and services are marketed as hangover remedies and include: Dietary supplements, vitamin / mineral products, pharmaceutical pain / nausea drugs, transdermal patches, foods & beverages and get as extreme as having an IV line inserted for a hospital-style infusion.  The big question we will answer is: Which are the most effective?


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When reviewing the available options, it is important to understand hangover symptoms and their severity can differ vastly from one person to the next and are also known to depend on the type & amount of alcoholic beverage consumed.[ii] 


This said it’s crucial your search for effective hangover relief takes into consideration the fact different hangover remedies target different symptoms, so you first need to define exactly what type of issues you experience when that alcohol wears off so you can select a remedy that specifically aligns with your needs.

Below are two sets of typical hangover symptoms broken down into two categories- physical and mental.

In our hangover pills reviews, most products only discuss quick relief of hangovers physical symptoms.

Which of the “physical” symptoms do YOU experience?


Headache?  Nausea & Vomiting?  Fatigue?  Aching Muscles?

Also, when you consider how your last hangover felt, might you have experienced any of the mental symptoms such as:


Mental and mood imbalances may include anxiety, depression, and irritability.


Lots of people are grouchy when hungover and literature has directly linked these mental hangover symptoms to the experience.[iii]


Image that asks whether caffeine is an effective hangover remedy


Now you understand your search for the best hangover cure should be tailored to match the issues you face- every hangover remedy isn’t going to address every person’s needs.  Without delay, let’s look at what’s available, the symptoms each addresses and the pros and cons of each:


image why greasy meals are the best hangover cure



With this option it may not be a case of giving your body what it needs, but instead giving it something you have stimulated it to want.  Research has shown the clear need for further study of societies where fatty foods & alcoholic drinks are abundantly available.[iv]  Researchers have suggested alcohol’s effect on a peptide in the body called galanin may be the causative factor.



A greasy meal may feel satisfying because you are giving the body “what it is craving,” but there is nothing about it that will relieve any of the physical or mental symptoms mentioned above.  It may seem a necessity, but it’s not a cure.


 Cheap, readily available, satisfying.



Fat and cholesterol, potential stomach upset/heartburn, other hangover remedies required to manage the hangover.


Picture resembling blowfish for hangovers with ingredients and side effects



The Blowfish Hangover Cure has reportedly been on the market since 2011.  Founded by a New Yorker, this hangover remedy is classified as a drug since it is a combination of aspirin and pharmaceutical caffeine (stated to be equal to that found in a cup of coffee).  When it comes to the blowfish ingredients, the aspirin is intended to relieve the aches and pains, while the caffeine serves as an “alertness” aid apparently to target fatigue.  If coffee and aspirin have provided you effective hangover relief in the past- go for it, but this “best hangover cure” may be a party pooper due to the warning label.



Blowfish for hangovers is an inexpensive hangover remedy.  Two fizzy tablets in a glass of water deliver ingredients equivalent of just over 3 standard (325mg/Ea.) aspirin tablets and a cup of joe worth of caffeine.  A light hangover- this remedy might be for you if you aren’t scared of stomach upset from the mega dose of aspirin.



You probably have the ingredients in your home already.

The warning label indicates increased risk of stomach bleeding if consuming two or more drinks while taking the product- Chances are you aren’t looking for the best hangover cure if you’ve only had two drinks.  Just saying…


Image of apple with band aids representing bytox hangover patche



These Bytox hangover patches are funny.  Sure, vitamins can be passed through the skin in this manner (transdermal).  The reason these vitamin patches will never be regarded as the best hangover cure- no amount of vitamin consumption is going to scratch a single hangover symptom off your list.  Sure, alcoholics admitted to the hospital are routinely started on vitamin and mineral supplementation, but that’s due to the fact they are generally malnourished, not to relieve hangover symptoms.



Cheap ($2 to $3 apiece), good safety profile, a little light vitamin supplementation is generally OK.



Products like Bytox hangover patch ingredients aren’t tied to any improvement in hangover symptoms.

Image for review of drinkwel, blowfish for hangovers and never a hangover pills



This is a kitchen sink blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (and similar substances) as well as a handful of botanical extracts.  As with the vitamin-based patches we covered earlier, taking such ingredients orally isn’t going to provide an effective hangover remedy.


The drinkwel ingredients also list “taurine” which is like an amino acid and is something found on the label of many energy drinks- usually in amounts of 1000mg to 2000mg.  In drinkwel, taurine is supplied within a 3-ingredient “blend” that totals 600mg, so if this is included to energize you, you would get more of it from an energy drink.


Lastly, we must mention the use of Green Tea extract in this hangover cure- the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) acknowledged the potential for green tea extract to cause hepatotoxicity and  encouraged a caution statement on product labels regarding liver injury be placed on any green tea extract monograph[v]  The warning bell has also been rung by Consumer Reports who placed Green Tea Extract on their “15 Supplement Ingredients to Always Avoid” list, citing “liver damage, possibly death” among the risks.[vi]


You have already put your liver to the test with alcohol- Does it need to be put to the test again by drinkwel?



Contains some decent vitamins and minerals, cheap on a per-serving basis.



Major warnings on green tea extract. More taurine in an energy drink, Nothing to alleviate hangover symptoms.  Sold in big bottles (not convenient).

Image of doctor such as would administer iv drip for hangover relief



As a nurse, I really like this one.  There is nothing I enjoy more than jabbing a hangover victim in the arm with a big, sharp needle and pumping a liter of fluid into their veins!  In all honesty, fluid loss is widely regarded as a cause of hangover symptoms.  Consuming just 4 drinks can cause the elimination of an entire liter of water from your body over the course of several hours.[vii]


Obviously, getting an IV drip is a great way to rehydrate without having to chug anything down your irritated stomach.  Many boutiques offering such services have popped-up across the country and some even offer to make house calls.  If you want to add a little cost, they can even add some popular and safe non-narcotic pain reliever and nausea medication.  Easily, if cost is no object- IV drip is the best cure for the most prevalent physical hangover symptoms.



Fast hydration, good pain and nausea relief.



Expensive ($119 to $249 or more), Needle required, mental hangover symptoms not addressed.

Image of impress 1600 with ingredients that make it the best hangover cure



IMPRESS! Dietary Supplement is a complex polyherbal combination product. A recent national press release touted the product as the best hangover cure.   Originally, conceived as a high-potency upgrade for the beleaguered nootropics and male enhancement categories, IMPRESS! touts “Clear Tomorrows” if taken before or while consuming alcohol.


The product is comprised of 9 ingredients- All highly-refined bioactives from major manufacturers such as Natreon, Naturex and Sabinsa Corporation- totally unique compared to other offerings comprised of generic materials.  A review of data on the ingredients from which these extracts are derived shows the materials all share a common bond of being studied for anti-inflammatory or analgesic qualities.  IMPRESS! ingredients like Sensoril, Cereboost and Zaffronel have also been associated with natural support of memory, cognition, and energy.  The product carries no safety warnings for adults other than women should avoid it (testosterone boosters can reduce effectiveness of contraceptives).



Low cost $4.99 (less in quantities of 5 or more servings), all-natural active ingredients, supports Clear Tomorrows as well as providing ingredients to support anxiety and mood.  Also supports male physical performance.



Not recommended for women.





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