2017 STUDY: Rhino Pill Reviews


Rhino 8 8000 reviews and other Rhino pill brands


Rhino Pill Reviews


This Rhino pill review is unlike any analysis of the brand you will find anywhere else.  We cover FACTS- Results of the research findings featured in our National Study of Male Enhancement products published on BusinessWire January 24, 2017.  This research covers Rhino 8 8000 and many other Rhino brand pills.

Image shows process for our review of rhino pills including testing and analysis of all brands


MaxLabs US team taking rhino 8 8000 and other rhino pills into the lab for analysis




Image shows traditional brand name products.  Rhino pills are not really a true brand.

Image shows three identical packs of Rhino pills each from different china manufacturers


One of the most shocking findings is that Rhino is an entirely fake brand from China.  There are no "Genuine Rhino Pills," nor are there "Counterfeit Rhino Pills."


Every package of Rhino rolls off of a Chinese manufacturing line (sold separately as components or as finished packaged goods) and the Rhino name and package designs are shared among many Chinese factories.

Image for rhino pill reviews that shows rhino bl4ck 4k packages from 3 chinese plants.

Why believe this review. It is from maxlabs us who is fighting fraudulent chinese sex pills


Rhino 8 8000 and other rhino sex pills are from china. national study findings stand unchallenged


Rhino may be one of the best-known names in male enhancement pills, but the facts presented in this clinical Rhino pills review cover topics you won’t find in any other supplement review.  Rhino ingredients, their potential side effects and facts on Rhino wholesale distributors and manufacturers.


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The true facts about Rhino pills are listed below including ingredients and origin

Grid shows Rhino pills from gear isle, Lions Den and Mobil all failed to meet requirements

There are dozens of Rhino male enhancement supplements, but everything you need to know about them is right here.  We also provide a clinical analysis other supplement review sites lack entirely.  First though, I’d like to ask you a few questions to put this review of Rhino in perspective:


  • Would you buy something that weighs 50% to 66% less than it’s label says?
  • Should you take something if the producers lie about what’s in it?
  • Would you take a pill if the distributor on the package is a fake company?
  • Can you trust pills if the manufacturer’s name is missing from the label?
  • Would you buy a supplement labeled “Made in USA” if it comes from China?

      Filthy Chinese Rhino Pill Factory Guangdong China


      If you answered “NO” to any of these questions you are wise. We are the first to prove every one of these issues apply to Rhino 7, RSE7EN and the rest of these Rhino-branded pills.  Check out these facts…


      Rhino pills Supplement Facts Panel with fictitious information.


      Look first at the Rhino supplement facts panel- It’s information required by the FDA- information that “should” be 100% accurate-  It’s a Federal mandate and it’s your right to know what you’re buying and putting into your body.


      PROBLEM 1:


      “Serving Size” (amount of ingredient per capsule) in this case reads “1750mg.” Other versions in similar capsules state amounts from “1250mg” to “4660 mg.”

      The One-capsule package also states it is 9,000 servings!


      • Rhino pills ingredients were tested [Study, MaxLabs US]. ALL weighed less than 700mg (692mg average).
      • NONE of the listed weights will fit into the capsules regardless of the ingredients or equipment used- IT’S PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.
      • These pills claim to hold from 40% to well over 400% more ingredient than is possible.



      These facts apply to EVERY package of Rhino REGARDLESS of the store or website you buy them from.  Big adult chains, websites featuring “Genuine Rhino pills,” convenience stores- it doesn’t matter- we’ve tested them all.  Rhino products are always dishonest about how much is in the capsules.  And exactly how are you supposed to divide that capsule 9,000 ways?

      Can you trust Rhino pills if they lie about something as simple as how much ingredient you’re getting?


      Try IMPRESS for Men from MaxLabs US.


      PROBLEM 2:


      The lists of Rhino pill ingredients are all the same. For example, “Rhino V5,” “Rhino 11,” “Rhino 8,” “Rhino 7,” “Rhino Thrust,” “Rhino 25K” and “black 4K” all list the exact same ingredients. WHAT’S THE POINT OF MAKING DOZENS OF SUPPLEMENTS, ALL WITH THE EXACT SAME LIST OF INGREDIENTS???


      • Rhino products have been found by our tests and by the FDA to contain cheap knock-offs of prescription erectile dysfunction medications- This isn’t news to anyone.
      • Rhino pills exist only as a means of importing and distributing undisclosed pharmaceuticals.
      • Many of the Rhino male enhancers we tested contained only cheap filler.
      • If you’re just looking for cheap Viagra without a prescription- Rhino isn’t a sure bet.
      • The many different versions are just a smokescreen to trick Customs officials and the FDA.

      If you like to have ANY idea of what’s in the pills you take- This IS NOT the product for you.





      • Our Supplement Alert series was the first and ONLY Men’s Supplement Review to reveal [Deng Sen] listed on all Rhino pills ingredients lists is something that DOES NOT EXIST.
      • The ingredient “superoxide dismutase” isn’t absorbed when taken by mouth.
      • The word “Condonopsis” is similar to a real ingredient name (codonopsis), but it is misspelled on every version of Rhino pills.


      • The Rhino ingredient list includes things that just don’t exist (Deng Sen), things that aren’t absorbed when taken by mouth (superoxide dismutase) and things like cinnamon that are useless. Again, things no other supplement review has previously discussed.
      • The ingredient list scenario is a carbon copy of the ingredient weight fiasco- Not only do you have no idea how much ingredient is in Rhino- you don’t know exactly WHAT ingredients may be in them.

      If you enjoy Russian Roulette or like the idea of swallowing a “mystery pill,” then Rhino is for you.




      The Rhino pill side effects is a very important consideration and one that requires you to look at a number of factors:

      1. What are the Rhino pill ingredients in the package you have purchased?
      2. How much of these ingredients are found in the product?
      3. What is your health status?

      It would be fairly safe to state Rhino male enhancement pills have a low probability of dangerous side effects IF they contained a reasonable amount of responsibly-processed natural ingredients.


      The ingredients listed on Rhino packages aren’t all legitimate and the amounts provided aren’t the same as what’s on the label.


      Testing by the FDA and MaxLabs US has also found a variety of materials in these pills that aren’t declared on the packaging:


      Everything from Chinese versions of Viagra, Cialis and dapoxetine to cheap industrial fillers.


      You could try to estimate the possibility of side effects based on these undeclared ingredients, but this is complicated by the fact Rhino pills aren’t produced consistently- some may contain a trace amount while an identical package holds twice the amount found in a prescription medicine:


      This irregularity in dosage makes these pills especially dangerous.

      A customer might take one of these pills and have no issues, then try the same package again and have serious issues.

      3 times stronger than tested national brands. IMPRESS is the strongest male enhancement

      Obviously, your health is a key consideration and those who look for male enhancement pills often seek them because cardiovascular or diabetic health issues have impacted their erectile function.


      The undeclared chemicals sometimes found in Rhino can be particularly dangerous for these groups, so steer clear- especially if you’re taking medications.



      If you’re perfectly healthy and get a high dose of these substances are you OK?  It’s not guaranteed.  Such products send American men to the hospital every day.  What we can safely state is many of these packages that state “NO HEADACHE” on the front do exactly the opposite- the most frequent side effect of the contaminants is headaches:


      They can also cause serious disturbances in your vision and hearing, so it’s just not worth the trouble to try these products.


      Most people think just because a supplement is found on store shelves that some authority has “checked it out” or “approved” it.  Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.  While products like our IMPRESS! Dietary Supplement for Men are made in U.S. plants subject to FDA and NSF inspections, the same doesn’t hold true for Rhino.  How do we know this?


      As with the fictitious weight claims and the listing of fake ingredient names, Supplement Alert is the first to call out those listed as where to buy Rhino wholesale and the manufacturers of these pills.  Our legal researcher scoured every state database for the Rhino wholesale distributor names found on their supplements.


      Any legitimate, operating business (that could be held responsible for the safety and quality of the pills) would be located by such a search, but guess what?  If you get poisoned or sick from taking one of these products- you’re out of luck.




      Also consider this- When was the last time you bought a product that didn’t say “Made by” and listed the manufacturer’s name?  Not claiming your product with your name is a rare occurrence, right?  It is the case though with Rhino pills.  No manufacturer name is listed on any package of Rhino 7 3000, Rhino Thrust, bl4ck 4k- none of them!

       Chinese Rhino 8 8000 reviewed. Try IMPRESS TODAY instead!

      The packages do, however, have UPC barcodes.  Manufacturers must obtain these barcodes so retailers can scan them at the checkout stand.

      If Rhino products are “a real brand” all the UPC codes would be registered to a company that produces supplements, Right?  That’s not the story told by the GS1 UPC database- THE authority.  UPC barcodes on Rhino pills are assigned only to sham companies!


      Just as our legal researcher found with the Rhino wholesale distributors- the UPC owners are “ghosts.”


      This brings us to the ugly truth about why Rhino pills are so plentiful in the United States, yet lie about their weight, their ingredients and even their country of origin.  All these products are imported from China.  ALL OF THEM.  100%.


      Yes, the fact they all have an American flag and state “Made in USA” means NOTHING.

       Rhino 7 3000 and Rhino 8 8000 are Chinese.  Try IMPRESS instead TODAY!

      Outfits selling Rhino male enhancement on Amazon, your local adult store, convenience store, mail order outfit- you name it- are all selling Chinese products.  Everything bearing the “Rhino” name comes from factories in China that sell these pills through MadeinChina.com, Alibaba.com and others.


      These Chinese products’ producers aren’t afraid of US enforcement (other than a box occasionally getting confiscated by US Customs) and it’s why they don’t care in the least about FDA compliance or your health.


      Chinese Rhino pills are cheap too.  Distributors who import these products get them for less than $0.25 per package and sell them for up to $20.


      Big profits over your health and consumer rights.



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      Dave Beall

      Never seen a rhino pill review that’s so thorough. I kinda wondered why there was a different color powder in these things every time I bought them and why the headaches were so bad.

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