Bad Pills: 7 Facts Men Need to Know About Gold Lion Pills

Bad Pills include fraudulent Gold Lion 3000 Reviewed here

Review of Gold Lion 3000MG

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Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.


Charles Kraft, R.N. is a Healthcare, Medical Device and Nutritional Supplement Professional and is V.P. of Functional Health at MaxLabs US.


Our Bad Pills Series continues with a Review of Gold Lion Sex Pills.  This is a single-serving male sexual enhancement product advertised by adult retailers, internet outlets and many eBay sellers.  The product is based on a familiar platform, so we can provide the facts today in a brief, 7-point review.


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Facts About Front of PackageReview of gold lion sex pill

Gold lion pills review of weight and increased sex time.
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Details: False Claim regarding duration of action- "Lasts up to 72 Hours" is not an uncommon claim to find on sexual enhancement pills, but it is too good to be true.  Even the longest-acting pharmaceutical for erectile dysfunction (Cialis/Tadalafil) is excreted completely from your body in 1.5 days, so to put this cheap sex pill in perspective- Even if it's illegally spiked, it's not going to live up to this 3-Day claim.

Scale used to weigh gold lion sex pill


Details: False Claim regarding Weight of Content- How would you feel if you went to the butcher and paid for a pound of ground beef, but got only enough to make one tiny hamburger?  That's the situation here.


The red circles at the bottom of the image show the single Gold Lion pill and the indication it weighs 3000mg.  The truth is this size capsule only holds from 570mg to 1140mg, with 800mg being a "typical" filled weight for natural extracts.


You can look at the capsule capacity charts from market-leading Capsugel Corporation if you don't take my word for it. (This capsule is the "00" size in the first column).  Bottom line- The listed weight of Gold Lion 3000mg is ridiculously impossible.




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Facts About Back of Package

Review of Gold Lion Label

Gold Lion pill review of guaranteed male enhancement

Details: "Guaranteed Enhancement"- A "Guarantee" implies the manufacturer might provide some compensation in the event the product doesn't perform to your expectation.  There is no manufacturer or distributor name, no address and no phone number on this package.  A violation of FDA guidelines and a certain barrier to getting a refund.


Ask your eBay retailer or local adult novelty store who covers this Gold Lion guarantee- Not likely you will get an answer.  NOTE: the "www" watermark is the result of a screen grab from an internet retailers page rather than package labeling.


Details: Sham UPC Code- This bar code is not registered to any legitimate US business. Source: GS1 US, GTIR UPC Database, Accessed via: on 12/11/16 at 1000.

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5. Supplement Facts / Ingredient Weight- The 3000mg from the front of the Gold Lion package is repeated and another figure claiming "750mg of Proprietary Material" is also provided here.


The truth is that the content of this family of products averages less than 650mg.  Considerably less than the 3000mg- 78% less to be precise.  Not only do they short change you, the capsule isn't anywhere near filled to capacity.


6. Ingredients- This list of ingredients is copied verbatim from the scores of Rhino sex pills.  What is Deng sen?  Our in-depth research has proven this is an ingredient name used by Chinese manufacturers and it does not exist as a commercially purchased raw material.


Dismutase is listed which is meaningless as a dietary ingredient.  Also, Superoxide Dismutase is listed, but is an ingredient that has no biological activity when swallowed orally.


Lastly, condonopsis is listed in this blend, which is similar in spelling to actual ingredient names, but not close enough to pass an audit.  This botched-up list of mess would never stand the slightest chance of being approved for printing at a US-based plant which takes us to point number 7 for Gold Lion 3000.


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7. Made in the USA / Country of origin- The Gold Lion pill, the capsule, the ingredients and packaging all came from China.  In fact, these types of products can be purchased wholesale for about $0.20 (yes, twenty cents) a package from manufacturers listed on and


This is why the UPC code is not registered and why there is no manufacturer information listed.


Additional concern- There is no "Lot. Number" printed on these packages of Gold Lion Pills.  A legitimate manufacturer will always track every package with a documented lot number to ensure accountability down the line in the event of a problem with the product.

Gold Lion sex pills get a thumbs down


The Gold Lion 3000 mg pills are yet another example of the Chinese poisoning and ripping off American men.  The labeling is not, in any way, compliant with FDA guidelines and is dishonest about the ingredients and their amount.  No lot number, no contact information, no address- nothing. Even the bar code is a sham... The country of origin is the kicker for us though.  Don't put the American Flag on Chinese product- Bad Pills!  Do Gold Lion pills work?  Who cares?  Why take your chances on a fraudulent product.

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The gold lion pills i bought had some black tar-looking stuff in them. Do you guys know what that stuff might be?

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