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Men’s Specialty Supplements Are Coming Up Short


You’ve probably noticed the explosion of individually-packaged, men’s sexual performance supplements for sale at your local gas station, convenience store, or even in the vending machine of your favorite neighborhood bar. Needless to say, they are everywhere! It’s a super-hot market right now with increasing demand and high profits. But, the question is, are consumers getting what they’re paying for? Unfortunately, the answer appears to be an unequivocal "NO."




In this series of blog posts we’re going to look at several aspects of these supplements including: product weight, quality assurance and control, and even whether these supplement companies are registered to do business in the United States. We are doing this to determine to what extent the customer is being duped by fly-by-night supplement companies. Because the supplement industry is loosely regulated in the United States, the packaging and advertisement materials for men's sexual supplements can be misleading and oftentimes it's downright fraudulent.


 Sartorious scales used to weigh fraudulent supplements


The factor we’re going to look at in this first post is product weight. What this means is, the supplement maker states on their packaging the weight of the ingredients that are supposedly contained in the capsule. For instance, a supplement package may advertise a “900mg” ingredient weight, so in this example we would want to see if the capsule really contains 900mg as advertised.


 bl4ck 4k supplement advertising impossible 4000mg weight

Example: "Bl4ck 4K" Brand Claims 4000mg on Label

Capsule can only hold about 910mg.


Also, many of these supplements are touted to be the “strongest” or bear statements such as “Maximum Strength.”  Well, after seeing a lot of numbers that didn’t seem possible, MaxLabs US decided to do some investigations to see just how much “good stuff” these men’s supplements are really packing by precisely measuring exactly how much material is contained in the capsules and comparing the weights to what the packaging claims. They went out and purchased 61 single-serving supplements from gas stations, adult novelty stores and from on-line retailers in June and July of 2016. The 61 samples represented 29 popular brands sold in the United States. The results were pretty shocking even for the highly unregulated male supplement industry.

        National map of where male enhancement supplements were obtained

            Out of the 61 samples for sale on US shelves MaxLabs found:


  • Nearly 5% of the supplements had high weights suggesting dense content (meaning it's likely they contain undeclared pharmaceuticals);
  • A shocking 69% of the supplements tested listed weights that were IMPOSSIBLE for the capsule size they were in (meaning the capsule size supplied could never hold the mg total printed on the label);
  • 89% weighed 55% (on average) less than the label claimed; and
  • 100% of the supplements tested were in some way mislabeled, non-compliant, or just plain fraudulent.

"100% of the supplements tested were in some way mislabeled, non-compliant, or just plain fraudulent."

One hundred percent, just let that sink in for a moment. This is criminal theft! These unscrupulous companies claim to be selling consumers as much as 5000mg of supplement, but 89% of the time it was actually far, far less. Even worse, with the huge disparity it's clear they are doing this on purpose.

100 percent of the male enhancement pills were fraudulent in at least one category

In the case of these 29 widely-distributed brands, consumers are getting the advertised product weight less than 5% of the time. Just imagine going to the grocery store and paying for a pound of tomatoes and only getting half a pound because the grocery scale doesn’t work right. Now imagine that the scale doesn’t work right because the grocery store set it up that way. This has been the reality in the male supplement world. These companies are shamelessly exploiting the vulnerabilities of their customers and taking advantage of lax oversight by the FDA. And they’re doing this out of sheer greed.

Greed is driving unscrupulous supplement makers

These companies are preying on customers who have no way of knowing they’re getting ripped off. Luckily there is some good news to report. IMPRESS! has launched in the United States. IMPRESS! Dietary Supplement is a men's crossover specialty supplement comprised of all premium content that's assembled and tested in the United States and sold and distributed by a US company. IMPRESS! parent company is headquartered in Michigan and their supplement is a generous 1600mg two-capsule platform. Meaning, if you pay for 1600 mg, you’re going to get 1600 mg. The most potent, premium bioactives ever combined in a single-serving supplement formulated just for men. But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the impressive product launch video to learn more about what makes IMPRESS! stand out from the competition.

IMPRESS means sharp and energized today

 It is about time someone decided to take the high road in the men's supplement category and produced a high-quality, dependable, and safe supplement for this niche market. Until the Federal authorities do a better job policing the supplement market, it is a buyer beware out there. Choosing IMPRESS! will be a safe option for consumers who care about honesty and quality.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or concerns in our comment section below. You never know, your question or comment might just inspire our next blog series!

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