Rhino Black 5K Pill Review: Don't Buy Black 5K Just Yet.

Image asks questions about Black 5K Pills manufacturer, ingredients and does black 5k work

Rhino Black 5K Pills Say...


"This is the latest from Rhino.  The Rhino Black 5K Male Enhancement Sex Pill, is formulated to increase stamina and deliver energy to enhance your confidence and sexual performance."


"Rhino Black 5K is new as of February 2017.  It's made by the same manufacturer of other popular Rhino pills on the market."


"Rhino Black 5K is a refinement of Rhino's most popular formula."


"Rhino Black 5K is made in the USA."


Experts Now Reveal the Truth.


rhino black 5k pills.  Who makes this supplement for men?

Rhino Black 5K Package has NO MANUFACTURER NAME.

This is a FDA requirement for ALL Supplements!

Why doesn't a company put their name on Black 5K?


The black 5k UPC code can be researched.  Barcodes are issued to manufacturers.

A UPC Barcode is a product's "fingerprint."

The BIG Question on Black 5K:


black 5k UPC code. Is it registered to a rhino pills wholesale company?

GS1 is the World's Leading Barcode Authority.

Here's what they say about Rhino Black 5K:


rhino black 5k pills are registered to a nursery in Hawaii

Banner reads Say What, A nursery makes Black 5k male enhancement pills?

rhino black 5k pills registered to ilau nursery which is out of business

Facts from ilau nursery the listed owner of the rhino black 5k upc code

ilau nursery in Hawaii, owner of black 5k UPC code is a closed business.

The true facts about Rhino Black 5K pills

Rhino black 5k pill review facts show the black 5k brand is really from China.

type of rhino wholesale pill factory like black 5k pills come from.

Example of the type of factory producing fake sex pills.

IMPRESS Male Enhancement from MaxLabs US has guaranteed weight, potency, US assembly.

impress is the strongest natural male enhancement and beats black 5k pills in side by side

rhino black 5k ingredients list includes fake ingredient name deng sen extract.

fake ingredient name deng sen extract listed in black 5k. link to press release.

Chart showing black 5k pills can't weigh over 1092 mg.  Not the claimed 5000mg.

Black 5K pill review weights and measures analysis

The Black 5K Male Enhancement Pill is another pack of lies from China.  These pills are produced abroad and shipped into the United States in disguise.  


You have no idea what's in Black 5K and there is no "real company" producing them.  Just Chinese internet sites that ship it over.


They are just filled up with whatever the amateur producers have decided to use.  There may be some fake Viagra or they may just be full of filler.




IMPRESS for men is the strongest male enhancement and comes from the USA.

Black 5K is NOT "Made in the USA."

It is NOT some unique "new formula."

It does NOT weigh 5000mg.

Is is NOT safe or FDA inspected.


Try a REAL men's supplement.  IMPRESS!

by MaxLabs US

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