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Sexual enhancement supplements have been in the news a lot lately, mainly because of fraudulent or fake supplements. The BIG question is whether you are getting what you paid for?  We are going to provide facts to help you understand how to spot fake supplements: Examine weights and measures.

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SUMMARY (Scroll Down for Full Details):
1. bl4ck 4K pills can be judged by three weights compared to the capsule size:
A. FACT ONE: The capsule bl4ck 4K is provided in can hold about 900mg.
B. FACT TWO: The "Stated Weight" on FDA Supplement Facts is 4,000mg.
C. FACT THREE: The term "4K" is an "Implied Weight" of "4,000" (4 X kilo).
D. FACT FOUR: The "Actual Weight" in lab was only 546mg to 760mg.
2. Conclusions Based on Analysis:
A. The actual average ingredient weight is 1/5 of stated & inferred weights.
B. The amount claimed is impossible under any circumstances.
C. The inconsistent amount of ingredients proves primitive manufacturing.
D. The false claim of "4000mg" proves bl4ck is not FDA approved.
3. Concerns for Consumers:
A. ALL packages of bl4ck 4K are fake sex pills imported from China.
B. Sometimes they contain drugs or wastes which trigger recalls.
C. Exactly "what" and "how much" is in bl4ck 4K varies from pack-to-pack.
D. There is no such thing as "Real bl4ck 4K" or "Genuine bl4ck 4K."
 bl4ck 4k pills review examines all details of male enhancement product as displayed on this image

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It's important to understand that sexual enhancement pills often feature the FDA-required weight that is on the supplement facts panel, but many also include other wording on the package that suggests a weight.  This can be called an "implied weight."

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In today's Bl4ck 4K review, we'll take a closer look behind the scenes of supplement making to better understand how these weights and measures can help you to spot fake sex pills- especially the bl4ck 4K brand from Rhino.
Considerations for capsule-type supplements:
  1. What's the size of the capsule?
  2. What is the particle size of the ingredients inside the capsule?
  3. Whether the content has been packed (tapped)?
Fact: "Double zero" size capsules (that can hold about 900 mg) are used for all bl4ck 4K pill reviews we have completed.  We obtained samples from adult stores (including larger chains) across the U.S. and internet retailers specializing in sexual enhancement pills.  86% of all the sexual enhancement products we tested were in this size capsule- this makes the number "900mg" important!

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Now, let's change direction and discuss the term "inferred weight" as it pertains to these bl4ck 4K pills:  What does "4K" mean?  By all accounts "4K" means 4000.
The next step is to check the "stated weight."  This is the number next to the words "Serving Size" found on the FDA-required SUPPLEMENT FACTS PANEL.  The milligram weight provided is 4000mg!

bl4ck 4k pill reviews of supplement fact panel data

bl4ck 4K Supplement Facts Panel Reads

"Serving Size: 1  Capsule 4000mg"


Finally, let's examine the "actual weight."  This is exactly what the content of the capsules weighed once they were emptied onto a scale.  We had a total of six identical packages of bl4ck 4K pills that were each placed on a Sartorius precision scale that is accurate down to 1 mg. What we found:
High rate of variation: 546 mg to 760 mg.
760mg was the highest weight obtained.

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Key Facts:
1. "4K" and the "Stated Weight" of 4000mg are LAUGHABLY IMPOSSIBLE.
2. Highest bl4ck 4K weight of 760mg- close to typical 800mg fill of "00" Cap.
3. 29% variation in weight across samples = primitive manufacturing.
The bl4ck 4K pills provided less than 1/5th of what the label states.
The capsule size makes the 4000mg claim impossible.
The bl4ck 4k and other pills labeled as Rhino all make these types of claims.  Recently, we saw one of their pills that now claims to contain 12,000mg!  The pills are all imported from big smoky factories in China, so they aren't too worried about the U.S. FDA or Federal Trade Commission stepping-in to protect you.

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The FDA has found some batches of bl4ck 4K they catch on the way in from China to be contaminated.  A very unfortunate part of this picture is the fact the Chinese care every bit as much about the cleanliness, quality and safety of these pills as they do the labeled quantity = ZERO!  Not only do you have NO idea what's in these capsules- you have no idea of how much.  Some may have a hint of Viagra, others may have industrial waste.  With a variation approaching 30% across samples, they will also provide an inconsistent experience, but always 1/5 of the weight you paid for no matter what!

 Example of Chinese produced bl4ck 4k pills for $0.10 to $0.30 apiece.

The reality: bl4ck 4K are fake sex pills produced in Chinese factories for American suckers who don't know how much a capsule can hold.  Retailers and shady distributors order them in for about twenty five cents apiece, selling the ones that make it past Customs and Border Protection & the FDA to YOU for $7 to $20 depending on where they are purchased! 
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