Feeding Frenzy Pill Reviews: Is it Legit?

This Feeding Frenzy Pill Review takes an in-depth look at this new male enhancement pill and covers the product's manufacturing, ingredients and effectiveness.  Are Feeding Frenzy Pills Legit?  You will know in less than two minutes!


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OK, the Supplement Facts Panel probably doesn't mean much to you, but to a professional- IT RAISES A LOT OF RED FLAGS.  Feeding Frenzy pills make a number of statements here that could indicate deception, ignorance, and maybe even criminality.

banner states the feeding frenzy pills ingredient weight are a 3.5 x exaggeration

EXAMPLE 1: 3,500MG "Frenzy Proprietary Blend"- The supplement is provided in a single size "00" capsule.  Capsules have well-known total capacities based on the density of the ingredients used.  If the producer filled the Feeding Frenzy capsules with herbal ingredients, it would weigh a total of 800 to 900mg.  If they packed it tightly with some sort of pharmaceutical, it would be around 1000mg total- The 3500mg listed is a TOTAL LIE and is 3.5 TIMES what is possible.

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EXAMPLE 2: Consider the nature of the things listed on the ingredient panel.  Plants like siberian ginseng, longjack, maca root, etc. are all IMPORTED ingredients.  These are ingredients commonly sourced from overseas.  Somehow the maker of Feeding Frenzy pills decided it was OK to go ahead and put an American flag on the package.  That's NOT cool and a violation of FTC rules.


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The next thing we notice is that Feeding Frenzy has listed some ingredients twice, but using different names.  Most notable is "Longjack" which is properly followed by its scientific name "Eurycoma Longifolia."  Another common name for this herb is "Tongkat Ali."  Notice "Tangkat ali" (a chinese spelling) is a couple of items further down the list.  This is typical of previous findings from our studies of chinese produced male enhancement products which often provide fake ingredient names like "deng sen extract."


Another concern is the fact there are multiple dietary vitamins listed on these products.  The vitamins do have recommended daily allowances, but the summplement facts panel does not supply any percentage of the RDA and is a violation of the FDA code of federal regulations for supplement labeling.  Products with mistakes of ingredient lists rarely make it out of FDA-approved US-based plants.


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As if the other issues weren't bad enough, we believe this last point on the Feeding Frenzy pill ingredients list may be the nail in this brand's coffin.  Mixed in amongst all the lies and misspellings is one little word they really should have left off the list- "bioperine." Bioperine® is a branded ingredient name that is property of the highly regarded ingredient producer Sabinsa Corporation who patented the special extract of black pepper.  When you use a branded ingredient like Bioperine® in your blend, you are obligated to print it with the "® symbol" and also make a statement such as "Bioperine® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation" which is not suprisingly absent from this packaging.  We will see if this is ultimately confirmed or denied.


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 A major consideration for your health and safety when considering a supplement choice is the integrity of the company that is supplying it to the market.  Obviously, there are multiple issues with Feeding Frenzy pills and this may be, in part, due to the fact it's a prodigy of dildo

Feeding Frenzy pills make some familiar claims about their effectiveness.  Most notable is the statement on the front of the package stating "Lasts 72 Hours." The Feeding Frenzy ingredients list states this is an herbal formulation, but we know this type of product often has pharmaceuticals "hidden" in them.

Even if Feeding Frenzy pills offered viagra without a prescription in an over-the-counter pill, could this make it last 72 hours?  The chart below shows how long it remains in your bloodstream.  THE ANSWER IS "NO."


graph shows the relative blood concentration of viagra over a 12 hour period

The graph above shows that viagra peaks within an hour of taking it and after 7 hours it's pretty much done.  We have observed lots of imported brands that have used much higher (dangerously higher) doses, but you need to understand the "amount taken" does NOT in ANY way impact how long the product will work- a 5 fold dose of viagra isn't going to make it last for 72 hours, it just increases the probability of you suffering serious side effects and requiring a trip to the hospital.

Another "what if."  Cartoonish pills like Feeding Frenzy might try to sneak a longer acting pharmaceutical into the capsule.  Do those last 3, 5, 7 or even 10 days?


image for feeding frenzy pill reviews shows the relative concentration of levitra over time

These graphs make one point very clear- The most popular PRESCRIPTIONS leave your system MUCH faster than the claims made by fictitous herbal products.  Given what we discovered on the Feeding Frenzy supplement so far, it is obviously from a primitive manufacturing enviromnent so the results of the formula would be highly questionable.

There is no name or address on the package as required by the FDA.  Who is in charge of this crappy pill?  Looks like the dildo folks are slinging these pills... 

Adventure Industries is listed as a manufacturer of Feeding Frenzy pills

pic of ebay seller of feeding frenzy pills that lists adventure industries as the manufacturer

It looks like Adventure Industries is housed at the same location as the adult novelties distributor "East Coast News."  If you trust these folks with your health- Cheers.  Contact information below since none is present on the packaging of the Feeding Frenzy pills.



picture of feeding frenzy pills advertized mfg location is also address for east coast news


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