IMPRESS!® vs. Major National Brands

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Comparative Analysis & Product Review

IMPRESS!® Dietary Supplement for Men

vs. Nine National Brands


IMPRESS!® Dietary Supplement for Men is a new, high-potency crossover supplement from MaxLabs US.  The U.S. Pat. Pend. formula surpasses traditional male enhancement products by providing robust support of energy, cognition and mood as well as fortified support of sexual drive and performance.

IMPRESS! the strongest sexual enhancement pill compared to 9 national brands

IMPRESS!® provides unmatched quality and potency by utilizing validated quantities of highly-standardized, rigorously tested, brand name extracts from leading suppliers such as Natreon, Sabinsa Corporation, Naturex, Nature*4*Science and MaxLabs US.
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This competitive analysis and review provides an objective assessment of IMPRESS!® Dietary Supplement for Men vs. nine national brands.  The metrics for this review are:


1) Total quantity (in mg) delivered per serving and


2) Estimated wholesale value ($ USD) of listed content per serving.


It's not surprising IMPRESS!® contains more of what counts or costs more to produce than other brands- HOW MUCH MORE IMPRESS! gives men is the REAL surprise.


 IMPRESS is up to 80% stronger than these competitors.


For these criteria the results serve as: Review of ErectZan[1], Review of Extenze Maximum Strength[2], Review of Male Extra, Review of VigRX Plus[3], Review of ProSolution Plus[3], Review of Enzyte 24/7[4], Review of Vigorexin, Review of Neosize XL and Review of Vimax[5].

Scale representing weight of the male enhancement pills

ANALYSIS I: Dosage per Serving


Methods: The FDA-required Supplement Facts Panel of each brand was assessed for total dose per serving (weight in mg). The weights supplied by the manufacturers were graphed, illustrated in descending order and compared as a percentage of the strongest male enhancement pill as measured by the total quantity of ingredients supplied.


The graph reveals:

IMPRESS!® is 9.3% to over 80% stronger than these male enhancers.


FDA Required data shows impress is the strongest male enhancment pills

IMPRESS also contains more ingredients than male enhancemnt pills like rhino 7


The weight per serving on the ten Supplement Facts panels ranged from a low of 305mg (Vimax) to a high of 1600mg (IMPRESS!®).


ErectZan had the 2nd highest total weight of 1451mg per serving, but lies nearly 150mg (9.3%) below IMPRESS!®.


At just 305mg per serving, Vimax had the least content of these national brands, placing it nearly 81% below the category leader.


When assessing these national brands by total content per serving, IMPRESS!® is the strongest national brand.

Hundred dollar bill representing relative cost of sexual enhancement pills

ANALYSIS II: Value of Ingredients per Serving


Background: Use of multiple premium, high-potency standardized extracts is common in supplements serving the bodybuilding and cardiovascular markets. The sexual enhancement pill category has not, until now, benefited from use of these valuable and thoroughly tested ingredients.  Generic ingredients (and their inherent drawbacks) are commonplace.  Weak whole plant materials and materials with low extraction ratios have been the norm in the men's sexual health category.


IMPRESS is the strongest national brand of male enhancement.

The quality and structure and function claims associated with premium branded extracts carry a premium price.  A manufacturer's spend on raw materials used in their supplements says a lot about their commitment to providing consumers with quality.  A financial benchmark analysis was undertaken to determine the relative value of these ten national brands of popular sexual enhancement pills.


Other national brands

Big Bottles. Big Prices.

Small Ingredient Weight. Cheap Extracts.



Methods: All listed content for the reviewed national brands were recorded precisely as specified on the products' respective Supplement Facts Panels (SFP).  Care was taken to ensure use of extracts, listed extraction ratios, use of specific plant parts and use of branded ingredients were captured accurately since each of these factors impacts the value of the ingredient.


Impress 2 capsules away from 2 great days

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Strategic sourcing established current market pricing per kilogram (Kg) from pre-qualified vendors for each of the ingredients exactly as listed on the SFP.  Cost per Kg was based on supplier minimum purchase for all materials.  Cost per Kg was converted to cost per milligram(mg) for calculation.


Proprietary blends were estimated using the only the cost of the highest-price ingredient unless an ingredient is known to be delivered in a specific dose or a generally accepted maximum dose is known (e.g. toxicity).  The wholesale value of the ten products' content was graphed with the nine lower-value products reflected as a % of the product having the greatest value.


Graph shows clearly IMPRESS is the most elaborate formula.

As the graph illustrates, the elaborate poly-herbal formula of IMPRESS!® was far and away the most valuable of the ten reviewed national brands on a material cost per dose basis.  The closest competitor (ErectZan pills) were determined to rank 2nd while reflecting 69.2% lower relative value per serving.  Of particular note is the relative cost of Vimax pills.  The low material weight of Vimax pills (305mg) combined with extremely thrifty ingredient choices yields a formula worth just pennies per serving which did not register on the bar graph.

 IMPRESS contains the most expensive ingredients. Competitor spends at least 69% less.

Discussion:  IMPRESS!® was approached as a "no compromises" project.  Men have many choices for sexual enhancement pills and it is our intent to deliver a premium product recognized as a superior value.  It was time for a supplement that's more than just a fancy bottle.

IMPRESS Box of 24 Servings

This review clearly illustrates that compared to these other national brands, IMPRESS!® delivers the highest dosage of premium bioactives and that the financial value per-serving of the U.S. Pat. Pend. formulation is at least 69% greater than the closest of these competitors.

Ultimately, consumers decide what they like.  We believe American men will make IMPRESS!® their favorite male enhancement product that aims to keep them Sharp & Energized Today, Impressive Tonight and Clear Tomorrow.

This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illness.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

1. ErectZan is a trademark of Commonwealth Research Labs.  2. Extenze is a trademark of DISH DIRECT, INC.  3. ProSolution & VigRx Plus are trademarks of Leading Edge Mktg.  4. Enzyte is a trademark of PRISTINE BAY, LLC (DBA Avandia).  5. Vimax is a trademark of OA INTERNET SERVICES


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Tim, Thanks for commenting! This post is intended as an objective representation of facts on products billing themselves as the strongest male enhancement pills. It’s based on information consumers have access to, but may not have the time to gather (multiple supplement facts panels) and some info they wouldn’t (ingredient pricing). We are proud to provide men one of the largest servings they can get their hands on, but we are even more pleased to show we didn’t hesitate to spend the money to pack them with quality. If you are looking for “end user reviews,” Our IT guys are currently evaluating website-compatible options that will permit verified purchasers to post reviews. Stay tuned…


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The study results show IMPRESS is the strongest natural male enhancement pill both in terms of strength (mg), but also in the value of the ingredients provided. Pricing of IMPRESS! is tied to quantity of purchase. All product codes are ON SALE now and our single packets are priced 15-40% less than competitors (just $10.95 each + S&H).


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