Jaguar 11000 Reviews: 2017 Facts

Jaguar 11000 Reviews:

Expert analysis of the product's ingredients, effectiveness, safety & value.


Jaguar 11000 Male Enhancement falls into a category known as "Chinese Carded Stock."  In addition to concerns raised by the FDA about this category of products; there are a number of details we will share with you about this package that you are not going to find in any other review of Jaguar 11000 pills (which are identical to those labeled 35000 and 35000 3D).


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Jaguar 11000 Facts

What YOU as a Consumer Have a Right to Know.

Observations Real Supplement Experts Can Easily Make:


Image of back panel of Jaguar 11000 with key facts regarding ingredients, weight, origin.


One of the main reasons we do these technical reviews of products like Jaguar 11000 is the fact other reviews make some major (and incorrect) assumptions- One of the biggest mistakes is assuming that ANY of the information on the label is correct.  Let's break down some of the issues we identified with the ingredients, safety and compliance of these pills.

  Chinese Carded Stock is Dangerous



Image of other products like Jaguar 11000 and Jaguar 35000 with Rhino stickers.


Many of these Jaguar pills have a sticker on the back that reads "Rhino."  As we have proven previously in our National Study of Male Enhancement Supplements, all of these "Animal Cards" come from China.  The names like "Jaguar 11000" or "Jaguar 35000" are shared among many unrelated overseas factories.  They sell this stuff all packaged-up or folks who want to can just buy this packaging- the capsules, the "Bullet packs" as well as the cards and boxes.

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Image showing the many pills like Jaguar 11000 from China.


Pills like Jaguar 11000 & 35000 3D aren't really "a brand" since they don't originate from any one company.  Anybody can buy packages like those shown above from China and fill them with the stuff they choose.  This makes these products very unpredictable and dangerous.  The one from the gas station can be different from the package found at the adult store and those sold on ebay.  There aren't any original, proven sources and the FDA doesn't check these pills.

Scale indicates laboratory measurement of the Jaguar 11000 and 35000 3D type pills.

Supplements are sold with a weight that is listed on the "Supplements Facts" panel of the package.  The number of milligrams (mg) is what you are paying for and if the product is produced in an American plant, it should weigh within 5% of what's on the label.  The label of Jaguar 11000 states the pill contains "1000mg."  Sadly, this is 100mg more natural content than these capsules can hold and almost 250mg LESS THAN WHAT THEY ACTUALLY CONTAIN (762MG)!

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image of the type of botanical ingredients listed in Jaguar 11000 and 35000 male enhancemen


Ingredients / What's actually in these pills?


In all honesty, there shouldn't even be a supplement facts panel on these packs of Jaguar pills.  They don't contain ANYTHING that's listed as an ingredient!  Notice they list something called "Deng sen extract" as being an ingredient.

This is a name that DOES NOT appear on the ingredient list from ANY raw materials supplier.  You CANNOT purchase laboratory reference samples of anything by this name.  "Deng sen extract" IS NOT LISTED in ANY published reference for dietary ingredients.  It's just a made up name.


Danger sign illustration denoting discussion of the safety of Jaguar 11000 and 35000 pills


Is Jaguar 11000 & 35000 Safe or Effective?


At this point, you should be able to guess these products are NOT SAFE.  You have learned that they come from non-compliant Chinese facilities.  We covered the fact the Jaguar 11000 & 35000 "parts" are sold separately for people to fill at home as well as the fact they DO NOT even contain the amount stated on the package.


How exactly could you begin to estimate the risk of taking anything branded as "Jaguar 11000" without spending a few hundred dollars to have the sample analyzed?  You cant!  The guy making packs at home to sell on Amazon could be filling his with aspirin that could give you a stomach ulcer on a party night.  The guy in Philly making packs to sell on ebay could be putting sawdust in his.  The one filled in China may have a leftover version of an antidepressant or rat poison.  These pills are clearly fraudulent and dangerous.


Picture of poo indicating discussion of potential bacterial contamination of Jaguar 11000


Do Jaguar 11000 Pills Contain Poo?


Here is a VERY GOOD Reason they May:  Their Packaging.


Picture show the chinese carded stock supplies including bullet packs loaded by hand.


The Chinese Call the little clear containers "Capsule Jars."  There is a BIG reason you won't see anything that's actually produced in the US provided in such a container- They CANNOT be filled automatically.  A capsule in one of these containers has been TOUCHED by someone's hands.


A study by Lambrechts, et al found poor hygiene accounted for 97% of food borne illness.  This is the reason dietary supplements (which are technically a food product) should be produced by sterilized, automated equipment.  Eliminate the risk of "hand filled" pills from China or someones garage that could cause Jaguar 11000 or 35000 to have e. coli (poo) on them that can make you sick.  Very sick.


Image of importers of chinese carded stock like Jaguar 11000 and 35000 pills.

How do pills like Jaguar 11000 actually get into stores?


IMPORT COMPANIES!  The same people who are importing cheap cigarette lighters, hookahs and other novelties are bringing these pills in by the boat load.  While you may be paying from $5 to $20 dollars apiece for these products, these guys are buying it for about $0.20 (twenty cents) apiece from China.  Not only do you not know what's in it (or how much), you are paying 20X or more than what the crap was originally purchased for!




Ever wonder why these products don't have any real social media presence?  Why there is no actual website?  Why there is no complete address or real company name on the packages?  If you get sick from these products, good luck with the gas station or guy on ebay.


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