Krazzy Rhino Reviews: 2017 Facts Update

Krazzy Rhino Reviews: 2017 Facts Update

We have reviewed many Rhino pills recently and there are important facts about the Krazzy Rhino version you should be aware of.

Unlike so many other supplements you will find on the web or in stores, these are particularly vulnerable to serious problems.

Producing a dietary supplement is a big responsibility and when done properly it involves following MANY rules and regulations.

Among the most important of these is the "FDA Guidance for Industry: Current Good Manufacturing Practice."


If you are like most Americans, you probably believe that products such as these Krazzy Rhino 25000 pills have been "inspected" or "approved" by some government agency to ensure they are safe, effective and honestly labeled.


The facts we clearly lay out for you here prove quite conclusively that this product is NOT safe or compliant.


The truth is that supplement makers are on the "honor system."  While the FDA does periodically inspect US-based manufacturing plants, they DO NOT approve or test supplements before they are sold.  When you DO hear the FDA talking about male enhancement products... It's because something has gone wrong.


In this Review of Krazzy Rhino, we use some of the most basic FDA guidelines to accurately assess its quality and compliance.  The simple things such as the supplied expiration date, ingredient list and even the contact information on the package can tell you a lot more than you might think.  We look at these pills from the ground up- Where do they come from?  What are the Krazzy Rhino Ingredients and side effects?   

Products like Krazzy Rhino are vulnerable to adulterants, variable quantity and ingredients

The most important thing to know about Krazzy Rhino is that products bearing this name aren't produced by one manufacturer, so the quality and content can be entirely different depending on who assembled it.


Some of the most frequently searched questions on Google about these products are "Which Rhino pill is the best," "What is the strongest Rhino pill?" "Best Rhino pill 2017" and "Rhino pill side effects."  These questions CANNOT be answered for these pills.  In order to actually compare the products, they would have to be consistent and standardized, but that is not the case- Dozens of identical packages can actually contain totally different amounts and different ingredients.


Graphic for Krazzy rhino reviews show how similarly packaged product has different content

In EVERY case, these Krazzy Rhino pills DO NOT contain the listed ingredients, they DON'T contain the listed quantities and they are NOT produced by the companies listed on the packaging.  The Rhino pill side effects could range from "None" (due to a batch of pills just being loaded with inert filler) to "Death" (due to a batch being loaded with an unsafe dose of undeclared pharmaceuticals).  When Rhino is just a name used by multiple Chinese factories and NOT "a real brand" made by a single company, there is NO accountability, NO quality control and NO ability to estimate their safety without testing every batch.  


Despite having American flags printed on the packages, ALL versions of the Krazzy Rhino pills on Amazon, ebay and in stores come from China.

The Chinese outfits that make such products even sell everything someone needs to make them in their garage- empty capsules, the "bullet packs," fancy "3D Cards" and display cartons.  Below are examples of Krazzy Rhino- openly revealing that it's from China.

Image of Krazzy Rhino 25000 wholesale from China ecommerce called

Image for krazzy rhino reviews that shows the pills and packaging from China ecommerce

Picture showing American made quality alternative to Krazzy Rhino Pills IMPRESS for Men

Here is how the Rhino Pill scheme works:


chinese factories that make krazzy rhino pills we reviewed

 A Bunch of Different Chinese Plants.

Each One Making Different Versions.

None Comply with US FDA Rules.


Krazzy Rhino pills transported from China by Air courier avoiding FDA and Customs

 Remember Krazzy Rhino is labeled "Made in USA"

US Production CANNOT Be Proven.

Examples of Rhino Wholesalers: ALL IMPORT COMPANIES!


IMPORT Companies like Starmax, Kassir Import and VK wholesale sell imported Rhino pills

image of import companies selling Krazzy Rhino, Rhino 69 9000 & rhino 69 extreme cheap

The graphic below shows MULTIPLE ISSUES with Krazzy Rhino.


These are typical of the "Chinese carded stock" supplements.


Since no REAL supplement company is responsible for them, they just print this nonsense on the packaging!


The list of ingredients is meaningless- especially when they also sell empty caps people fill with whatever they choose!  The pack from Guangzhou may be filled with one thing, the one from Shenzhen- another.  And the guy filling his own to sell on ebay- WHO KNOWS??? 

Image of Krazzy Rhino supplement facts panel showing multiple quality control issues.

Picture of IMPRESS for Men with 1600mg more than twice as strong as Krazzy Rhino pills.

Krazzy Rhino, like other Rhino pills are great for retailers.

A package (like those shown here) can be purchased from their Chinese manufacturers for about $0.20 (TWENTY CENTS) depending on purchase quantity.  A nice profit is made when they sell them for $5 to $20 apiece!


Aside from these strong profits, retailers like long shelf life.  These Krazzy Rhino pills follow the long-standing tradition of printing distant and non-validated expiration dates so "slow movers" can remain on the shelf longer.  We have seen expiration dates as far as 6.5 years in the future when 2 to 3 years is the industry standard.

Here is an example of Krazzy Rhino with an expiration date that is way over 3 years out at the time of this post.

Krazzy Rhino reviews illustration shows typical falsified and exaggerated expiration date

A lot of people don't know that the UPC barcodes on this type of product can be searched using a tool from the World-leader in UPC Codes- GS1.  Enter the code from your Krazzy Rhino at the GS1 Database

Image of Krazzy Rhino 25000 with UPC Code expanded. Reflects fact pill is not registered.


 Also try to look-up the Manufacturer and Distributor names they slap on these ridiculous products.  Do you really think there is a legally-operating company called "Krazzy Rhino Group" or "Macazone, Inc."- NOPE.  You can see our complete results and findings on this type of product that's included in our National Review of Male Enhancement Products.


Image shows IMPRESS 1600 reviews reflect it as the top rated supplement for men.


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