In this Poseidon Pill Review, we will take you through the facts on both of their current offerings: the Poseidon Platinum 3500 Pill and the Poseidon Platinum 10000 pill.  Your questions on Poseidon pill ingredients, safety and effectiveness will all be answered!





You have probably noticed that just like their West Coast competitors, Poseidon Platinum 3500 and Platinum 10000 imply they are "American Made" by displaying an American flag on the back panel and (in the case of Platinum 3500) also states "Made in USA."  See pictures of the back panels below.


images of poseidon platinum 3500 and poseidon platinum 10000 with red boxes on country

There are several things you can identify on the back of the Poseidon Platinum 3500 and Platinum 10000 packaging that makes it CLEAR these products SHOULD NOT state "Made in USA" or have our flag printed on them.


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Another thing to consider is the UPC codes printed on the back of these packages- One is assigned to a cider mill in Michigan!  The other to a barcode reseller called Antioch Records in California which has never been registered as a legal business.  Using $10 recycled barcodes that can't be traced is for scammers and ebay sellers who can't afford the modest $150 fee to get a real GS1 UPC code- NOT A REAL SUPPLEMENT COMPANY.


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banner asks whether the poseidon platinum 3500 ingredients are from the usa

FACT 1:  THE LISTED INGREDIENTS- The majority of ingredients listed on the Poseidon pills ARE NOT available as US crops- They just aren't grown here.  PERIOD.  Even IF you rounded the stuff up from overseas and assembled it in an American factory, that doesn't cut it.  U.S. Federal Trade Commission rules solidly back this fact.

banner asks if fda factory would print a fake weight like what is found on poseidon 3500 pill

FACT 2: THE LISTED WEIGHTS- Yes, the weights on Poseidon Platinum 3500 and Platinum 10000 can tell us something just as important about where these come from.  One pill lists the total ingredient weight as "1800mg" and the other reads a WHOPPING "5000mg."


capacity chart proving poseidon platinum 3500 and 10000 list impossible ingredient weights

Guess what friend, the lower of the two weights is TWICE the amount of such ingredients a capsule like this can hold- Yes, TWICE what Poseidon Platinum 3500 could possibly contain!  THE INGREDIENT WEIGHTS PRINTED ON BOTH POSEIDON PILLS ARE TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.


Pic of guy wondering why poseidon platinum 3500 and platinum 10000 pills arent american

There are lots of supplements like these on the market and MaxLabs US has sponsored more studies and technical reviews of them than ANYONE.  Truth is, products like Poseidon Platinum 3500 and the Platinum 10000 pill aren't legitimate American supplements because there is NOT ONE plant in the United States that's inspected by the FDA or NSF that would jeopardize their reputation or their certification by cranking out non-compliant garbage like this.


image of the poseidon platinum 3500 pill reviews and other male enhancement products

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Do Ads for Poseidon Platinum 3500 or Platinum 10000 Tell You Where They Come From?

ads for poseidon platinum 3500 and platinum 10000 state made by Adventure Industries

image simulating official website for poseidon pills with poseidon 3500 and 10000 pills

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I know that about 1/3 of our readers don't care whether the stuff comes from China.  While most are turned-off after learning the truth about these pills, some just want to know the answer to the question "Does Poseidon platinum 3500 and platinum 1000 work?"


Let's look at the Poseidon pill ingredients panels to see what we can learn about their potential effectiveness as male enhancement pills.


image of ingredient analysis for both the poseidon platinum 3500 and platinum 10000 pills

We now have covered the fact Poseidon Platinum 3500 and Platinum 10000 have BIG FAT LIES printed on them when it comes to ingredient weights.  The analysis above proves the package lists an ingredient that doesn't even exist and a bunch of other things that would be of no benefit (or in some cases, of no benefit in amounts this capsule size would permit).


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Simply stated- No, this formula in an amount that would fit in this capsule would be of little to no benefit to men desiring improved sexual performance.

Ask your ebay seller, adult store manager or whoever is pushing this stuff: why doesn't Poseidon Platinum 3500 have an address for the distributor or manufacturer as required by the FDA, ask them why the 5000mg listed on the package of Poseidon Platinum 10000 is 5 times the max that will fit in the cap (as shown in the chart from Capsuline a major US-based capsule producer), ask them why "Adventure Industries" is listed as the manufacturer on their websites when the packaging has the phoney "Distributed by Poseidon" printed on them.

If you're ready for American strength in men's supplements, try 1600mg IMPRESS! for Men.  The best supplement for men by MaxLabs US.


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