Research Report: What is Deng Sen?

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Deng Sen is Listed as an Ingredient in my Men’s Supplement...
What is Deng Sen?


Think just because an ingredient is printed on the label of your corner store supplement it has to be legit?  Think again.

Image reading Does deng sen extract appear in any top references

Image of American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia that makes no mention of deng sen

world health organization's medicinal plants in china does not mention deng sen extract

Image of Materia Medica Reference guide which does not mention a deng sen extract.

The US National Institutes of Health PubMed and Medline databases show no deng sen

Encyclopedia of Traditional medicines that includes no citations on this Rhino pill ingredient

Image for which includes no data on deng sen extract.


 IMAGE REVEALS Deng sen does not exist as proven by research by MaxLabs US


NATIONAL NEWS RELEASE on "Deng Sen Extract." 

Facts about Rhino pill ingredients Deng Sen Extract
 Deng sen extract on label raises safety concerns.

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  Background on Deng Sen Issue


We noticed the ingredient listed on every supplement bearing the name Rhino that is followed by a number and quite a few others.  A more complete list of brands we have analyzed can be found HERE.


Federal Regulations state dietary ingredients “must be listed by their common or usual names when present in dietary supplements.”[1]  In the case of men’s specialty supplements, the dietary ingredients are often displayed as a list called a “Proprietary Blend” which lumps all of the ingredients into a single weight.


“Deng sen” is listed as an ingredient in the proprietary blends of dozens of supplements currently marketed in the United States.  These brands represent a huge percentage of the choices offered consumers on websites, in adult stores and convenience outlets.






Rhino 7 Pills (pictured) and dozens of other similar-looking "Rhino pills" are common examples."  Seeing this fictitious ingredient name on the label tells you that the product does not come from the United States or a plant that complies with FDA or good manufacturing practices.


These supplements are also produced from "kits"- individually sold capsules and packaging.  Persons therefore can make identical versions of these Chinese brands from the separate Chinese parts- assembly in a garage or in storage lockers has been reported.

    Rhino 7 lists deng sen as an ingredient

Questions about Deng sen were raised at MaxLabs US during a research project that explored hundreds of ingredients listed as content for competitive male enhancement supplements.  The competitive analysis included:


1) Clinical assessment of ingredients listed on the supplied Supplement Facts Panel [potential therapeutic value, presence & merit of supporting scientific literature].


2) A weights & measures analysis.


3) Wholesale ingredient price benchmarking.


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World Health Organization Medicinal Plants in China


Extensive search of published literature for info on “Deng sen” included sources such as:


The World Health Organization’s Medicinal Plants in China[2] and The Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines[3], but was expanded to include other sources including The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia..., Independent Analysis on Supplements & Nutrition. and Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica[4],[5],[6] after the initial search for the term “Deng sen” yielded no results.  The expanded search also failed to identify a material of this name.


All customary, mainstream research platforms including Medline and the National Institutes of Health PubMed were also utilized for this project.


Drum of generic chinese raw materials used in men's supplements

Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is another consideration regarding this questionable ingredient. "Identification testing" of ingredients is a routine part of compliant processes in which incoming raw materials are compared to commercially acquired "reference materials" to verify authenticity of the ingredient prior to use in production of a finished supplement.  Such testing is mandatory at top-tier manufacturers.


It was discovered that NO “reference standard materials” are available from leading suppliers for a material named “Deng sen.”


This would serve as a barrier to the use of any material labeled as Deng sen at cGMP manufacturing facilities in the United States.[7],[8] 

Deng sen extract not available through strategic sourcing channels

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Similarly, during price benchmarking, the materials sourcing team, well-versed in global procurement of raw materials used in dietary supplements, could not find “Deng sen” offered for sale via any channel.  Nothing by this name is offered for commercial sale.


Evaluated brands listing “Deng sen” as an ingredient include “Extreme Diamond” and “Rhino 7” (produced by Guangzhou Together Trade Co., Ltd. & Beauty Technology Co., Limited, Guangdong, China).  Both brands have been subjected to recalls by the FDA for containing undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients which are untested and unstudied.[9]


Extreme Diamond pills list deng sen as an ingredient

Conclusions: “Deng sen” is a fictitious ingredient name Chinese manufacturers place on the Supplement Facts Panels of dietary supplements promoted for sexual enhancement.  For consumer protection, seizure and federal interception of imported products with fictitious and/or non-compliant labeling may serve as an effective adjunct to the practice of confiscating imported products found to contain adulterants.

 Chinese sex pills containing deng sen

Rhino pills from china.  IMPRESS is the best supplement for men

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I tried to buy Rhino pills wholesale and ended up on Skype with a lady calling herself Ms Cho. Wanted a DHL shipping number and a cashiers check for a grand to send boxes. A big lie.


The Chinese are making those Rhinos with the American flag??? That has got to stop. I’ll never buy another Rhino pill!


This was awesome information. I will make sure to pass it on to my friends who buy these supplements today.


Great information. Thanks for educating us.

Julie Carreira

This was very informative information. Thank you!


You read about this stuff being recalled constantly. Why don’t they just ban it altogether? If they lie about where it comes from, why would they be honest about what’s inside the pills? I won’t let my husband take the ones from the convenience stores- no way.

Steven C.

Very technical.


Wow! Very informative. I always thought the FDA was checking on this sort of thing. Will keep an eye out for this fake ingredient. Thanks for this information!

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