Review of 72HP Pills

Analysis and Clinical Review of 72HP Pill (Review of 72 HOUR POWER PILL)

72HP Sex Pills

Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.
MaxLabs US Functional Health Group


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Name of Product: 72HP

Product also described as: 72 HOUR POWER

Trademark Status: None Noted

Purchased from (Retailer type & State): Convenience / North Carolina

Purchase Price: $4.99

Listed Manufacturer: None

Listed Distributor: 72HP Enterprises

Contact (Address, Tel., Email):  800.701.6411

UPC Code and Owner (GS1 Data): Bader Publishing

Expiration Date: 4/2018

Stated Country of Origin: None

Label Claims: 100% Natural, No side effects, works in 45 minutes, lasts up to 72 hours, maximum strength, stamina, endurance, strength, Perform “like a stallion.”  Maximum Potency Sexual Enhancement.

Stated Weight: 450mg

Implied Weight (if any): N/A

Capsule Measurements: 21.9mm X 7.46mm

Capsule Size: 00

Content Weight (mg): 208mg

Variance to Stated Weight: 53.8%

Variance to Implied Weight (if any): N/A

FDA Actions mentioning Brand: 2013 & 2015

72HP Ingredients Analysis: Medline search revealed no published studies indicating any of the listed ingredients provide benefits for male sexual health or performance.

Overall Impression: 72HP pills (also known as 72 Hour Power pills) were assessed in the summer of 2016 by functional health group.  The samples obtained came from a convenience store located in North Carolina and the purchase price of $4.99 placed it in the lowest cost tier of reviewed samples.  While no manufacturer is listed for the 72 HP sex pills, there is a "72 HP enterprises" listed as the distributor.  There is no address provided as required by FDA labeling guidelines for dietary supplements.  There was, however, an 800-number provided.  The 800 number was answered by a law firm.  Bader Publishing is listed as the owner of the UPC code which Internet search shows is a reseller of these product identifiers, but was not identified in state records as a legitimate business.

Claims on the label include "lasts up to 72 hours" which is a period that even synthetic phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors cannot sustain.  The sample capsule contained only 208 mg of powdered content which is 53.8% less than the 450mg stated on the package.  The FDA initiated product recalls of the 72 HP pills in 2013 and 2015 for adulteration.  A Medline search of the six ingredients listed as a proprietary blend reflected that none of the ingredients have been studied for or associated with benefits for male sexual enhancement.

Extensive search for a US-based manufacturer yielded no results, but the 72HP pills are offered by Chinese manufacturers such as Shenzhen E-Life Technology, TSM International Co., Ltd. (Nanchang), Green Herb Biotechnology Limited (Guangzhou), Shenzhen Hua Tai Beauty Shaping Trading Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) and others.


72 HP sex pills are inexpensive, fake sex pills with extremely low weight of content.  They appear to be manufactured exclusively in China and there is no US-based party to accept responsibility if an adverse event occurs.  The listed wholesale prices posted by Chinese manufacturers strongly suggest the content is of the lowest grade industrial-type material rather than quality botanical content.

Consumers who desire assurance of quality and those with concern for what they ingest should avoid the 72HP pills.  The fact the brand is produced by multiple Chinese entities and the vast difference between listed and actual weight of content, shows there are no quality control measures in place for this product.  Even those intentionally seeking adulterated products should be warned that the high variability, when applied to undeclared pharmaceutical content could pose the potential for serious harm, even for a healthy individual. If you see 72HP pills online or in a convenience store, keep your money in the US and look for a quality product.

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