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Analysis and Clinical Review of Black Lion 3000mg

Black Lion Pills Review
Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.
Charles Kraft, R.N. is a Healthcare, Medical Device and Nutritional Supplement Expert.
He serves as V.P. Functional Health at MaxLabs US

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Chart of Black Lion pill facts including the ingredients manufacture and duration of action

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Name of Product: Black Lion

Product also described as: All Natural Black Lion, Black Lion 3000 and sold as "Black Lion Pills" online.



Trademark Status: None Noted



Purchased from (Retailer type & State): Internet Specialty (1), Adult Novelty (2) FL, OH.



Purchase Price: Average $11.33 (Range $9.49-$14.50)



Listed Manufacturer: None



Listed Distributor: None



Contact (Address, Tel., Email): None



UPC Code and Owner (GS1 Data): 4457812499014  Invalid / Unknown Prefix



Stated Country of Origin: States “Made in U.S.A.”



Label Claims: Super Stamina, Rock Hard, Increase your size, Rock hard erections, Increased ejaculation loads, Thicker Girth, Free from premature ejaculation.



Stated Weight: Three Provided: 3000mg, 1750mg and 1250mg (Proprietary Raw Material)



Implied Weight (if any): All weights clearly stated with “mg.”



Capsule Measurements: ~21.4mm X 7.3mm



Capsule Size: “00”



Content Weight (mg): Average 347mg



Variance to Stated Weight: vs. “3000mg” (88.4%). vs. 1750mg (80%).



Variance to Implied Weight (if any): N/A



FDA Actions: N/A



Black Lion Ingredients Analysis: Same ingredient list found on the Rhino sex pills (See our "Review of Rhino Pills".  Stated content includes the non-existent “deng sen extract.”



Overall Impression: The Black Lion sex pill is one of the worst examples of fraud we have observed.  They cannot get their story straight as far as how much ingredient is in the capsule.  The front of the display card reads “Black Lion 3000mg.”  The back panel states “1750mg and 1250mg proprietary raw material.”  Unfortunately, all three figures far exceed the capacity of the one “00 Capsule” supplied in the package and are nowhere near what we measured in the laboratory.  Black Lion contains nearly 90% less ingredient than what’s listed on the front of the package and the product is dishonest from the start given 3000mg is more than 3 times what the capsule can hold.  Clearly abuse of consumers who do not know the facts about medication capsules.



Analysis: Calibrated precision scales identified the Black Lion pill content as averaging just 347mg, with the heaviest sample containing just 353mg of material.  Of the dozens of brands, we have examined, Black Lion is among the lightest as far as total ingredient supplied to the consumer.



To provide so little content, the Black Lion pills have a rather steep price, averaging $11.33 (Range $9.49-$14.50) per single serving package.  This average price places Black Lion in the highest tier of male enhancement pills from a cost standpoint.



Who is responsible for Black Lion pills?  That’s a very good question.  The packaging lists no distributor or manufacturer and the UPC code is invalid when entered in the GS1 database.  A google search for a manufacturer of the Black Lion 3000mg returns only retailer websites.  When considering the listed ingredients (including the non-existent Deng Sen Extract) are identical to what is found on the Rhino sex pills; it would be a pretty safe bet Black Lion comes from the same Chinese manufacturers.  Again, this is a shame since the product displays the words “Made in U.S.A.”



We also observed that Black Lion male enhancement samples carried an expiration date over 4 years in the future.  Considering the other fraudulent labeling on the Black Lion pills, this date is most likely just a convenience for retailers to extend the time the products can be sold and not a result of the expensive and time consuming accelerated shelf life testing that would be required to establish such a date.

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