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Analysis and Clinical Review of Black Mamba 7K

Black Mamba Pill aka Black Mamba 7K
Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.
Charles Kraft, R.N. is a Healthcare, Medical Device and Nutritional Supplement Expert.
He serves as V.P. Functional Health at MaxLabs US


Name of Product: Black Mamba 7K

Product is also sold under the names: Black Mamba, Black Mamba 7K Premium and Black Mamba pills.


Trademark Status: TM indicated.  USPTO records show “Black Mamba” as applied to Sexual Enhancement Products is an expired trademark of Tom Kim (Los Angeles, CA) that was abandoned in 2013.

Purchased from (Retailer type & State): Online Adult Novelty (1), Online Supplement Specialty (1).

Purchase Price: Average: $8.38 (Prices $8.25 and $8.50 each).

Listed Manufacturer: None

Listed Distributor: SX Power Company

Contact (Address, Tel., Email): Only “San Diego, CA 92108” is provided.

UPC Code and Owner (GS1 Data): UPC 728028285451 is registered to Chica Bella, Inc. located at 3250 REDSTONE LN in BOULDER, CO.

Stated Country of Origin: States “Made in U.S.A.” and carries U.S. flag.

Label Claims: increase time of intercourse, increase size, increase stamina, increase sex drive, 7 days long action, gain intense orgasm, size increase in thickness and length, better ejaculation control, rock hard erections, no premature ejaculation, increased volume of ejaculation.

Stated Weight: “Maximum Power”

Implied Weight (if any): “7K” 7000mg

Capsule Measurements: ~23.3mm X 8.3mm

Capsule Size: “00”

Content Weight (mg): Average 740mg (721mg and 759mg).

Variance to Stated Weight: No weight supplied.

Variance to Implied Weight (if any): (6260mg, 89%)

FDA Actions: None specific to Black Mamba 7k.  Black Mamba Premium was recalled for adulteration in March 2015.

Black Mamba Ingredients Analysis: This ingredient list is the same across all Black Mamba male enhancement products, even those stating “new and improved” on the package.  It is also the same ingredient list found on the similarly packaged Black Panther pills and Black Panther #1 pills.  The first listed ingredient (suggesting it is the highest percent of content) is “lyco-pene.”  While there is no such thing as “Lyco-pene,” there is a carotenoid called lycopene.  Lycopene has not been identified in any scientific literature as supporting any of the Black Mamba label claims.  “Tribulus Terrestirs” is listed second and the Chinese likely meant to print “Tribulus Terrestris” which is a botanical found in many sexual enhancement products.  Yohimbe (aka Yohimbine) is third and raises immediate concern.  Yohimbe is well-known to be problematic and carries a long list of side effects.

Overall Impression: This sexual enhancement pill is a prime example of non-compliance.  The most glaring fact is that the producer chooses to insert the term “maximum power” into the supplement facts panel rather than an actual weight for the content.  We established that the weight of ingredients averaged 740mg in our samples which falls nearly 90% short of the 7000mg implied by the “7K.”

The producer attempts to make Black Mamba pills look legitimate by placing the “TM” symbol by the name while it’s a mark the US Patent and Trademark Office shows has been abandoned for years.

With an average price of $8.38 from online suppliers, Black Mamba 7K falls into the middle tier of cost compared to other single-serving male enhancement pills we have assessed.

Who makes or distributes Black Mamba 7K?  There is no manufacturer listed on the package.  Chica Bella, Inc. is listed in GS1 as the holder of the UPC code and is not a registered entity per our legal researcher’s investigation of state databases.  Research also confirmed the listed distributor SX Power CO of San Diego, CA is not a real company.  Shanghai Honfee Trade Co., Ltd., Kinzone International Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Monsana Trading Co., Ltd. in China are the real sources of these sex pills that are decorated with an American flag.  The product is actually cheap Chinese, industrial-grade materials as reflected by their offered wholesale price of about $0.66 per one-capsule package for those buying 50 or 100 boxes.

The label Claims including increase time of intercourse, increased size, increased stamina, increase sex drive, 7 days long action, gain intense orgasm, size increase in thickness and length, better ejaculation control, rock hard erections, no premature ejaculation, increased volume of ejaculation are not supported by the ingredients listed.  Most outrageous of these claims is the idea that Black Mamba pills could work for 7 days.  Even the more potent pharmaceutical-type pde5-I prescription-strength erection boosters only last about 36 hours.  Even if these capsules are spiked with pharmaceuticals, higher quantities of these drugs does not extend the time they work- it only increases risk of toxicity and adverse events.

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