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Analysis and Clinical Review of Black Panther #1

Black Panther Pill
Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.
Charles Kraft, R.N. is a Healthcare, Medical Device and Nutritional Supplement Expert.
He serves as V.P. Functional Health at MaxLabs US


Name of Product: Black Panther #1

Product also described as: Black Panther #1 Pills, Black Panther pills

Trademark Status: TM claimed.  US Patent and Trademark Office records show that “Black Panther Male Sexual Enhancement Pill” was abandoned as a Service Mark by Andy’s Wholesale (a convenience store supplier) of Douglassville, GA which lapsed in January of 2013.

Purchased from (Retailer type & State): Internet-based Adult Novelty

Purchase Price: $7.30

Listed Manufacturer: None

Listed Distributor: SX Power CO.

Contact (Address, Tel., Email): Lancaster, TX

UPC Code and Owner (GS1 Data): UPC 601577503910 is assigned to Jjireh Records of Florida.

Stated Country of Origin:  States “Made in U.S.A.” and carries American flag.

Label Claims: Longer erections, harder erections, time increase during intercourse, size increase in thickness and length, stamina increased, better ejaculation control, rock hard erections, explosive orgasm, no premature ejaculation, increased volume of ejaculation.

Stated Weight: None

Implied Weight (if any): None

Capsule Measurements: ~23.3mm X 8.3mm

Capsule Size: “00”

Content Weight (mg): 759mg

Variance to Stated Weight: N/A

Variance to Implied Weight (if any): N/A

FDA Actions: None for this UPC Code

Black Panther Ingredients Analysis:  This list is identical to the lists on Black Mamba and Black Mamba 7K pills.  The lead ingredient (supposed to be highest percentage of the total) is listed as “Lyco-pene” which does not exist.  “Lycopene” does however, but this carotenoid (commonly obtained from tomatoes) has no proven or documented benefits for male sexual performance. The second ingredient “Tribulus terrestirs” appears to be a misspelling of “Tribulus Terrestris.”  Tribulus Terrestris has some documented human studies showing erectile benefits, but the dosage taken by the test subjects was nearly 7 times the capacity of the Black Panther pill capsules. Yohimbe (aka Yohimbine) rounds out the top three ingredients.  This ingredient has shown some promise over the years, but lacks solid published supporting evidence and the side effects profile is not good.

Overall Impression: Black Panther #1 which also appears as Black Panther #1 Pills and Black Panther pills is advertised widely on the internet as a product that produces longer erections and harder erections, increases intercourse time, enlarges thickness and length of the penis, prevents premature ejaculation control and even increased volume of ejaculate.

TM of the Black Panther name is claimed on the packaging, but per USPTO TESS database, “Black Panther Male Sexual Enhancement Pill” was instead a “Service Mark” owned by Georgia-based convenience supplier Andy’s Wholesale that was permitted to expire in January of 2013. 

We purchased our sample of Black Panther #1 from a web-based adult novelty company for $7.30.  This price places the Black Panther pills in the middle of the road as far as cost of samples we obtained nationally.

There is no mention of manufacturer name on the packaging.  The distributor listed is SX Power CO. of Lancaster, TX.  Our legal researcher determined via investigation of pertinent state records databases that SX Power CO is not a registered business in any US state.  Jjireh Records of Florida was listed as the owner of the UPC code, but this is also a fictitious business name.  While the Black Panther pill packaging states “Made in U.S.A.” and sports the American flag, an American-based manufacturer could not be located.  Hongkong HW Biotech Co., Ltd., Green Herb Bio-Technology Limited and Kinzone International Industrial Co., Ltd. All of China are examples of overseas manufacturers who produce the Black Panther sex pills.

The Chinese factories offer Black Panther for prices ranging from $0.42 apiece up to $1 depending on purchase volume.  These prices indicate the product contains low-grade ingredients rather than high-potency bioactives which are much more expensive.

The label claims including: longer erections, harder erections, time increase during intercourse, size increase in thickness and length, stamina increased, better ejaculation control, rock hard erections, explosive orgasm, no premature ejaculation, increased volume of ejaculation are not supported by the supplied ingredients.  Additionally, the claim of “7 Days Long Action” are not consistent with any known botanical or pharmaceutical and would be attributed to hype.

The label of the Black Panther pill does not supply a total weight of content as required by the US FDA.  It does, however, provide mg weights for the individually listed ingredients.  These weights add-up to a total of 1250mg.  The capsule measurements of ~23.3mm X 8.3mm tell us it is a “00” size capsule which will hold only 910mg.  The actual weight of the content as determined on a Sartorius precision balance was just 759mg or 39% less than labeled.

We observed several “how to spot fake Black Panther pills” web articles.  Researching the packaging and UPC codes shows that there is no “real” or “Genuine Black Panther.”  Instead, it is just one supplier of Chinese sex pills trying to position their product over the other.  Buyer beware.  Try something from an American company instead.

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