Review of Blowfish Reviews: The Best Hangover Cure?

Funny picture resembling the Blowfish hangover cure package with aspirin and caffeine.

Funny Picture Resembling a Package of Blowfish for Hangovers


So, you’re experiencing a crushing hangover and looking for fast hangover relief or maybe you’re planning a wild vacation at an "All-You-Can-Drink" resort and are proactively seeking the best hangover cure ahead of time- If your objective is the latter of the two: GOOD THINKING!


Very few preventable events ruin a perfectly good day like hangovers can.  In this review of Blowfish reviews, we will cover facts including: Blowfish ingredients, whether the product is an effective hangover cure, and most importantly- whether Blowfish is safe.  We have serious doubts as to whether it deserves the title “Best Hangover Cure,” but let’s see what you think after reading the facts.

Image of hangover cure pills staties whats the best hangover cure.



Blowfish was started by a woman from New York (who reportedly enjoys alcohol) that left her career in the world of finance (not healthcare or laboratory science) to start this brand of fizzy, effervescent tablets that contain the active ingredients aspirin and caffeine.  Yes, aspirin and caffeine supposedly make this product the best hangover remedy.  Let’s see…

Picture of woman with the idea to make the best hangover cure from aspirin and caffeine

Stories on the product’s launch from 2011 describe the product as containing pain reliever, caffeine, and “a stomach-soothing agent,” but the drug facts panel currently posted on the Blowfish website shows aspirin and caffeine are the only “active ingredients”- no active ingredient that’s classified as an antacid.


Blowfish marketing touts it is “FDA-recognized” and “FDA-regulated.”  Furthermore, the brand suggests you try “the remedy that’s backed by science.”  Statements like these invoke images of scientists in white lab coats serving Blowfish hangover cure tablets to hangover sufferers in a FDA lab and taking notes on clipboards about how wonderfully it performed.  NOT THE CASE.

blowfish hangover pills "recognized by the FDA

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FDA Data on the blowfish hangover cure pills obtained using their NDC code





It confirms the active Blowfish ingredients (aspirin and caffeine) are “recognized” as safe and effective in their roles as an analgesic (pain reliever) and stimulant, respectively, in the combination and quantities printed on the product’s label.

Cup of coffee asks the question of whether caffeine has ever worked as a hangover remedy

Over-the-counter (OTC) drug products like Blowfish hangover cure can be developed and legally sold without any FDA testing whatsoever- this is the case for most.  Instead they follow what’s known as an “OTC drug monograph.”


A monograph states what kind of ingredients can be used to treat certain condition, the appropriate dose, and the instructions for use. OTC products that meet a monograph’s requirements may be marketed without FDA review as was the case with Blowfish.  Blowfish simply selected monograph drugs that correspond to symptoms commonly associated with hangovers- pain and fatigue.


The process of walking into a contract manufacturer and asking them to produce fizzy tablets containing aspirin and caffeine is not a revolutionary or monumental achievement.



With a product like this, the devil is always in the details and in the case of Blowfish for Hangovers, the important details you need to understand are on the FDA-required Drug Facts Panel.


Blowfish hangover cure drug facts panel warns of increased risk of bleeding with 3 drinks.


"Stomach Bleeding Warning"


"This product contains a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which may cause severe stomach bleeding.  The chance is higher if you have 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day while using this product."


As someone who has studied clinical pharmacology and dispensed countless medications to thousands of patients over the years, I was shocked to see ASPIRIN was selected as the main ingredient for this hangover cure.


While it is a reliable, old school pain reliever, its common GI side effects include indigestion, heartburn and nausea.  In addition to risk of severe stomach bleeding, with Blowfish you also face the potential for other unpleasant side effects you are likely trying to get rid of.  NOT IDEAL.




Why would you need a hangover cure if you had two drinks?  According to the Blowfish warnings, 3 or more carries the increased risk of severe stomach bleeding!  It may be that quite a few people just don't read the box, while others throw caution to the wind and take their chances.  It's time for a safer alternative.


A Lifestyle Product for Men's Entire Day



More than 10.5 million American men face hangovers each year.  While they poorly understood from a physiologic standpoint, the symproms are familiar- The headache, nausea, anxiety, and fatigue impacts about 10% of the U.S. work force[1] and 29% of college students miss classes because of them.[2]


IMPRESS!® Dietary Supplement for Men by MaxLabs US now makes traditional “hangover cures” like pain relievers, vitamin-based products, and greasy meals obsolete- It is the best hangover supplement because its natural bioactive formula addresses these painful, debilitating events before they start.

Image of dj who took impress the best hangover cure the night before

“Hangovers are all about inflammation- The throbbing head and body aches are two of the most frequent complaints,” states Charles Kraft, R.N. MaxLabs US V.P. of Functional Health.  “OTC pain relievers are the most widely available option people reach out for to get relief from these aches and pains, but serious concerns arise when it comes to taking these products close to alcohol..."

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"Acetaminophen is a no-no after more than 3 drinks and can have toxic effects on the liver, while aspirin and ibuprofen can upset an inflamed stomach or even cause severe bleeding.  OTC NSAIDS also don’t address the fatigue and anxiety many experience as alcohol wears off.”

Image of man feeling great after taking impress hangover pills

A powerful alternative to hangover cures centered on vitamins the body doesn’t absorb well and NSAIDS  was needed.  The body’s pain pathways such as  “TNF-alpha,” “NO,” “NF-kB,” and “Cox-2” aren’t familiar terms to most, but a vast amount of science supports consideration of natural ingredients such as those used in IMPRESS!® because of their natural interaction with them.


The substances these extracts are derived from enjoy an important common bond- they have all been studied for anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic properties.


When it comes to hangover relief, who needs potentially harmful OTC drugs.  2 IMPRESS® before or after a night on the town means awaking to a “Clear Tomorrow.”  The powerful formula goes the extra mile for men by including Sensoril® Cereboost™ and Zaffronel®- highly-refined extracts supporting energy, working memory and anxiety- essential for someone who needs to function at work or in class the next day.


The best hangover cure should support your entire day with potent nootropics

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IMPRESS means a clear tomorrow- best hangover cure has nine branded bioactives.

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9 Natural Bioactives - Brand Name Ingredients - 100% Tested

FDA Compliant - No Lame Attempts to Imply "Endorsement"


image of a happy man who took the effective hangover pills impress

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