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Analysis and Clinical Review of Exten Zone

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Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.
Charles Kraft, R.N. is a Healthcare, Medical Device and Nutritional Supplement Professional serving as V.P. of Functional Health at MaxLabs US


Name of Product: Exten Zone

Product also described as: Ecstatic Exten Zone, Exten Zone 2000, Exten Zone 5000

Trademark Status: TM mark noted.  USPTO TESS returns no matches.

Purchased from (Retailer type & State): Internet adult novelty (2), Internet supplement specialty (3) and Adult novelty brick and mortar stores (2).

Purchase Price: Average $10.25 (Range $7.99-$14.83)

Listed Manufacturer: None

Listed Distributor: Exten Zone (Ecstatic 2000 Original)

Contact (Address, Tel., Email): None

UPC Code and Owner (GS1 Data): UPC 610079524743 is registered to The Tuff One Manufacturing located at 4515 Luther Ave, North Port, FL  34288

Stated Country of Origin: American flag printed on back panel.

Label Claims: “Maximize time of intercourse, free from premature ejaculation, better ejaculation control, maximize volume of ejaculate, amazing in thickness, maximize in length, width and stamina, rock hard erections, explosive orgasms.”

Stated Weight: 1050mg

Implied Weight (if any): 2000-5000mg

Capsule Measurements: ~23.2mm X 8.3mm

Capsule Size: “00”

Content Weight (mg): Average 792mg (Range 742mg to 894mg).

Variance to Stated Weight: 258mg (25%).

Variance to Implied Weight (if any): 1208mg up to 4208mg (60% to 84%).

FDA Actions: Recall 2013

Exten Zone Ingredients Analysis:  The Exten Zone ingredients list is the same which appears on numerous brands of other Chinese-made male enhancement supplements.  Rhino pills and Extreme Diamond pills are just two examples.  The key to understanding this ingredient list is three-fold:

1) It includes two ingredients that have been reported in studies as beneficial to sexual performance.

2) It specifies two that do not exist and

3) The rest is rubbish.

The potentially valuable ingredients are of no consequence since the amounts of those studied to have a therapeutic effect exceeds the average 792mg of ingredient contained in these Exten Zone pills and the capacity of the single capsule for that matter.  As for the things that don’t exist- “Deng Sen” is fictitious and the term “Dismutase” which is listed by itself is meaningless when referring to a specific dietary ingredient.  Superoxide dismutase (which has zero absorption when taken orally) has been used for injections to treat arthritic conditions and is a bizarre choice for this list.  Additionally, we can only speculate that whoever fashioned this list intended to enter “Danshen” rather than “Deng Sen.”

To show the actual value of this formula, we can apply current wholesale ingredient pricing to all the ingredients present on this list.  The material in Exten Zone is worth less than $0.10 per capsule.  No high-potency, high extraction ratio or branded materials are specified.

Overall Impression:  The Exten Zone pills (also seen as Ecstatic Exten Zone, Exten Zone 2000 and Exten Zone 5000) have one of the wider price ranges among the single-serving men’s specialty market with our samples averaging $10.25 per capsule with a range of $7.99 up to $14.83.  The overall packaging layout, description, ingredient list and other key attributes resemble many of the Rhino sex pills we have reviewed.  As clinicians, the first thing that strikes us as dishonest is the inference that Exten Zone might work for 5 Days.  While some of these products make claims of working up to 7 Days, the 5 days is equally outrageous.  The label claims regarding time of intercourse, premature ejaculation, volume of ejaculate and claims regarding increased penis size are not supported by the listed ingredients.

None of the raw materials listed on the Supplement Facts Panel (or even the pharmaceuticals that some Exten Zone pills have reportedly been spiked with) would be expected to carry on longer than a maximum of 36 hours which robs the product of credibility.  We also research brands and their use of trademarks since obtaining such marks requires investment in government registration, time and money.  Exten Zone products are embossed with the small “TM” letters indicating the word and/or design mark has been registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Using the USPTO T.E.S.S. search engine, no matches were returned for the terms “Exten Zone, ExtenZone, Exxten Zone or ExxtenZone.”  The fact they falsely claim to have registered the product raises additional concerns about their legitimacy.

Like many other single-serving male enhancement pills, no manufacturer name is provided on this packaging, but numerous distributor names are observed on Exten Zone products and these names can be outrageous.  “Exten Zone (Ecstatic 2000 Original)” is one ridiculous example we had our Juris Doctorate-trained legal researcher examine.  Not surprisingly, pertinent records databases indicate there is no such company registered in any U.S. state.  Federally-required contact information is also excluded from the packaging.  Finally, ownership of the UPC barcode fails to provide insight on responsibility.  UPC 610079524743 is registered to “The Tuff One Manufacturing” located at 4515 Luther Ave, North Port, FL  34288.  Yet another unregistered, fictitious business entity.

Looking objectively at Exten Zone pills, the capsule measurements averaging 23.2mm X 8.3mm indicate, like about 85% of the other single-serving male enhancement pills we have researched, Exten Zone is provided in a “00” capsule.  This size capsule is known, per major manufacturer specifications, to have a capacity of about 910mg.  Lab measurement of content found our Exten Zone samples to average 792mg with a range 742mg to 894mg.

With respect to weights and measures; Exten Zone pills provide a stated weight on the supplement facts panel (SFP) as well as what we call an “implied weight” on the front panel.  Note that the stated weight of 1050mg on the (SFP) exceeds the typical capacity of the capsule provided.  The “implied weight” is displayed as numerals inside a capsule-shaped icon and with this brand we may see figures ranging up to 5000.  This is important since internet retailers and salespersons often utilize these “implied weights” to position one pill as being “the strongest sex pill” or to compare one with another.   Exten Zone contained an average of 258mg less ingredient than the stated weight (25%) and variance to the “implied weight” can be as high as 84% with the Exten Zone 5000.

The American flag is printed on back panel, implying Exten Zone is produced in the U.S.A.  Research could not identify a legitimate U.S.-based trademark holder, distributor or manufacturer.  Kinzone International Industrial Co., Ltd. (Guangdong, China), Shanghai Honfee Trade Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China) and DEX International Trading (HK) Co., Limited (Guangdong, China) are three examples of the actual producers of these fraudulently labeled supplements claiming to be American made.  They advertise the misbranded products openly.

The Exten Zone pills are a fraud and they do not benefit from American manufacturing or FDA oversight.  Given the observed variability in manufacturing, there is no way to tell exactly what is in these or how much.  Better options exist.  Try a product from a real American company.

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