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Analysis and Clinical Review of Extreme Diamond

Diamond Extreme Pills aka Extreme Diamond

Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.

Charles Kraft, R.N. is a Healthcare, Medical Device and Nutritional Supplement Expert.  He serves as V.P. Functional Health at MaxLabs US


Name of Product: Extreme Diamond

Product also described as: Extreme Diamond 4500, Extreme Diamond 2000

Trademark Status: TM claimed, but not found in the USPTO Database.

Purchased from (Retailer type & State): Internet-based specialty (3 Each)

Purchase Price: Average: $9.11 (Range $7.50 to $9.99)

Listed Manufacturer: None

Listed Distributor: P/M Package, Inc.

Contact (Address, Tel., Email): None provided

UPC Code and Owner (GS1 Data): UPC 617135861194 is registered to Moore Good Foods at 2645 Rosewood Cir., Enid, OK. 

Stated Country of Origin: States “Made in U.S.A.” and displays American flag.

Label Claims: Fast acting. Long lasting, male sexual performance enhancement, maximize time of intercourse, rock hard erections, amazing thickness, free from premature ejaculation, ejaculation control, increase amount of ejaculate,

Stated Weight: Serving 1850mg. Proprietary Material 1150mg.

Implied Weight (if any): 4500mg

Capsule Measurements: ~23.3mm X 8.3mm

Capsule Size: “00”

Content Weight (mg): 740mg

Variance to Stated Weight: (60%, 1110mg)

Variance to Implied Weight (if any): (84%, 3760mg)

FDA Actions:  None for this UPC

Extreme Diamond Ingredients Analysis: The Diamond Extreme ingredient list is identical to that found on most series of Rhino sex pills.  The non-existent “Deng Sen Extract” and imaginary “Dismutase” raw materials are specified in this product as well.  We compared the actual weight of content obtained in the laboratory (740mg) with current market prices for the listed extracts.  It is possible the label was intended to read “Danshen” rather than “Deng Sen.”  If this were the case Danshen would be the priciest ingredient in Extreme Diamond pills.  Applying the value of Danshen to the entire weight of the capsule's content, it would still make this attractively-packaged sexual enhancement product worth every bit of a dime.  Extreme Diamond is not so fancy.

Overall Impression: In our national survey of male enhancement supplements we have evaluated dozens of brands.  On the surface, it appears there are many different producers, but we found similarities from product-to-product indicating a lot of them come from the same plants.  In the case of Extreme Diamond pills, they share numerous attributes with the Rhino sex pills: Their UPC codes are clustered around the same owner names, the lot numbers and expiration dates are presented and clustered similarly and the verbiage and ingredient lists are identical to Rhino pills.  We have also identified similarities in the capsules and average fill levels.

Does the Extreme Diamond 3000 or Extreme Diamond 4500 come from someone you can trust?  No.  You can’t tell where it came from.  The manufacturer name is not presented on the packaging.  “P/M Package Inc.” is listed as the distributor, but good luck finding them.  Our legal researcher discovered there is no record of “P/M Package” in state databases, so it is a fictitious company.  Same goes for Moore Good Foods of Enid, OK who is listed as owner of the UPC code.  The address is a dilapidated old house and again the business is fictitious.  There is no accountability for the quality of Extreme Diamond male enhancement products.

If you get poisoned on Extreme Diamond, be sure to call Guangzhou Together Trade Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, China who makes Extreme Diamond and prints the American flag on the packages. Extreme Diamond pills cost about $0.75 apiece direct from the Chinese if you have $1,000 to spend on large case quantities.  Obviously Extreme Diamond is an extreme rip-off at retail prices of $7.50 or more, but retailers love the fat profit.   

The claims including: “Fast acting. Long lasting, male sexual performance enhancement, maximize time of intercourse, rock hard erections, amazing thickness, free from premature ejaculation, ejaculation control, increase amount of ejaculate” are all verbatim from the packaging of the Chinese-produced Rhino sex pills.  None of the ingredients listed in the formula would contribute to these effects, at least within the quantity supplied.  Two ingredients have been studied and reported to benefit sexual performance, but each in amounts far exceeding the total weight of these Extreme Diamond capsules.

The serving weight of 1850mg on the supplement facts panel is more than twice what the supplied “00” size capsule will hold, so there is an issue with honesty here as well when you’re given 60% less than what you paid for.

Extreme Diamond Chinese sex pill capsule jars

We also are not fans of the clear plastic “pill jars” with the brightly colored metal lids some versions of the Extreme Diamond pills are provided in.  These small two-cent containers provide a nice look, but they cannot be filled automatically.  The capsules must be loaded by hand which adds to the “ick factor.”  Who needs a capsule that’s gotten the Chinese finger treatment?

Extreme Diamond is a cheap, $0.10 worth of Chinese industrial chemical in a pretty $0.02 package.  Try a high-quality option from an American-based company.

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