Review of Ropex Pills. Answers: What is Pollis Secalecereale?

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Analysis and Clinical Review of Ropex

Review of ropex ingredients and whether ropex pills work

Note: "Ropex" is a registered trademark of Biogenica, LLC
Completed by Charles Kraft, R.N.


(Product Facts.  Scroll Down for Review)

Name of Product: Ropex

Product also described as: "Swedish Semen Volume and Climax Enhancer," "Swedish Ropes Formula."

Trademark Status: TM of Biogenica, LLC.  Miami, FL

Listed Manufacturer / Distributor: Biogenica

Contact (Address, Tel., Email): Provided on label

UPC Code and Owner (GS1 Data): UPC 657700221008

Stated Country of Origin: Manufacturing origin not stated on label.

Label Claims: Support the male reproductive system… enhancing prostate function… increasing seminal fluid production.

Dosage Recommendations: “Loading Phase” (3 Days) Take 3 to 4 tablets twice a day.  Thereafter, directions for use indicate taking 3 tablets once daily.

Dosage Size Stated: 937.5mg

Provided as: Bottle of 90 film-coated (Opadry ns) tablets labeled as 30 servings.

Ropex Supplement Facts Panel (SFP): SFP states Ropex contains 750mg of a standardized extract identified as “Pollixol™” and states “containing Polli-Aq 180mg, Polli-Oi 9mg from Pollis Secalecereale, Pollis Phleupratence and Pollis Zeamais.”

Clinical Product Review of Ropex

Ingredient Analysis:  The formula provided on the Ropex Supplement Facts panel raises serious questions about the origin of the product and the qualifications of the producer.  Primary issues include: 1) The label claims Ropex contains a blend named “Pollixol™.”  The word “Pollixol," presented with a “™” symbol indicates it is a registered trademark.  The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) T.E.S.S. database reflects this word mark has never been registered.  A broad internet search including published scientific data yields no information on this blend claimed to comprise 80% of the Ropex pills.

2) “Polli-Aq” is stated to make up nearly 20% of the Ropex ingredients.  This name is also not legally registered with the USPTO, nor is it found as an identifier for any generic plant extract or other polyherbal combination by our strategic sourcing team.  3) “Polli-Oi” is the third Ropex ingredient listed, but it is also a fabricated term.  Ropex ingredients label states that 9mg of “Polli-Oi” is derived from Pollis Secalecereale, Pollis Phleupratence and Pollis Zeamais.  4) Not surprising, these three non-existent names appear to be disguised versions of several inexpensive extract names (likely to make it difficult to research their value).

There is no “Pollis Secalecereale, Pollis Phleupratence or Pollis Zeamais,” but there are:  Pollen Extract from Rye pollen (Secale cereale), Pollen Extract from Timothy grass (Phleum pretense) and Corn Germ Extract (Zea Mays). As you can see they dropped a letter here and there and ran the words together.  Misnaming ingredients can be used as an internet marketing strategy that may serve to make the ingredients appear exclusive or "secret," prevent consumers from discovering their potential value (financial and/or therapeutic) and the tactic can also direct search traffic to sites advertising the product listing these ingredients rather than competitors who correctly list the proper names

What we can safely state about the manner in which the Ropex ingredients are presented is this- The PhD scientist running Quality Assurance at our FDA/NSF compliant manufacturing partner would never approve such a label and we would not want to witness operations at a plant where this could skate by.

Does Ropex work?  No.  Poor quality product.

Obviously, a manufacturer who labels a product intended for human consumption in this non-compliant manner may need to be checked to see what’s in the Ropex pills.  A likely reason the ingredient names are masked is to conceal how little they cost.  Since “Pollixol,” “Polli-Aq” and “Polli-Oi” aren’t fancy branded extracts, we know Ropex contains inexpensive generic content.

Example of generic chinese raw materials

Even if Ropex was made entirely of the single most expensive ingredient listed, the total wholesale value of botanicals in a big 90-tablet bottle would be a meager $2.08.  This fact could supply their motivation to somehow conceal the ingredients.  Considering the advertised price of $39.99 per bottle, Ropex f`frgvfr`43e2

I know a lot of readers do not care about honest labeling, manufacturing standards or whether they are paying too much for cheap generic materials.  They just ask "Does Ropex work?"  Well, assuming “Pollis Secalecereale, Pollis Phleupratence and Pollis Zeamais,” are Rye pollen extract, Pollen Extract of Timothy grass and Corn Germ Extract here is what science tells us. An extract of rye grass pollen is marketed abroad under the name "Cernilton."  Taken in three daily doses totaling nearly 400mg, Cernilton is used as a treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) which is an enlarged prostate not related to malignancy.  Assuming you don't have a history of prostate problems, taking Ropex pills to shrink a prostate that's not enlarged will have no impact and there is also no mechanism by which rye pollen could increase the volume of semen you produce or ejaculate.  Also consider therapeutic dosing- The Ropex ingredients list reads "Polli-Oi 9mg from..." and proceeds to list the three ingredients.  A portion of 9mg is a long way from the therapeutic 400mg daily of Cernilton.

Legitimate documented use of Timothy grass (Phleum pretense) is limited to the treatment of hay fever and other allergies- nothing else.  Corn Germ Extract (Zea Mays) has seen traditional use as a treatment of bladder infections and inflammation of the urinary tract, but unlike the rye grass, it's use is not supported by clinical evidence.  The fact Zea Mays may cause alterations of blood pressure, key cardiac-related electrolytes and blood glucose also raise concerns.  Bottom line- We had to go to too much trouble just to figure out what the Ropex ingredients are, but once we did it was clear there isn't much of value for guys checking options for sexual enhancement and there is risk associated with one of the Ropex ingredients.

A final consideration is that if you buy Ropex, a single bottle wouldn’t permit completion of an average month of the supplement.  If the label directions are followed for the described loading and daily dosages, the pills will run out half way through the last week.

Who makes Ropex?  To make a product called "Swedish Semen Volume and Climax Enhancer" and "Swedish Ropes Formula," Bassim Halwani and Fadi Halwani (who are listed as leaders of companies who market the Ropex product Biogenica, LLC and New Generation Labs) don't appear to be Swedes.  Here is what they are talking about around the office.

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This Ropex pill review is awesome! I’ve been trying to figure out what the Ropex ingredients are forever and this answered my questions. I just don’t understand how people can get away with selling these pills when everything on the label is a little less than truthful.

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