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Men looking at male enhancement options may think Vimax Pills are effective because of the endorsement of Mario Dumitrascu.  We looked high and low to confirm the existence of such a physician and to locate any studies on sexual enhancement from a man by this name- Interesting findings to say the least...
The official Vimax website provides a "testimonial" attributed to a "Dr. Dumitrascu" mentioning an 8-month study of Vimax pills.  The testimonial states patients reported "improved sexual performance, more stamina, with more sex desire and overall potency."  If a "well-known urologist," has endorsed their product and completed a study wouldn't you like to see it?  We couldn't locate the doctor, much less the study - This is where an honest review of Vimax gets started.


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OA Internet Services owns the "Vimax Pills" name.  They are a Canadian internet marketing company.  "Get rich promoting our famous products" is on a banner showing commissions paid on bottles of Vimax that start at $29.98 apiece- A whopping 50%!  Such commissions provide affiliate marketers great incentive to make grand (and unsupported) claims about the Vimax herbal supplement.  This may be why this disclaimer is posted atop their web page:


"Vimax is not a "penis enlargement" magic pills. If you saw claims on any other websites claiming to be official Vimax page, please disregard them. This website is the only official Vimax Pills website on the internet."


OA Internet sells two Vimax-branded products that tout the endorsement of Dr. Mario Dumitrascu- The Vimax Pills and a device for natural male enlargement called the “Vimax extender.”  To provide the most honest Vimax Pills review we:


1. Assess the credentials of Dr. Mario Dumitrascu.

2. Look for published study results.

Statements by internet marketing companies claiming to sell natural male enhancement pills must be verified!




The website,, features a "testimonials" section with a tab labeled "Doctor's Testimonial."  In this section are three items to note: First, the letters following the name Mario Dumitrascu are "M.D." (meaning Medical Doctor).  Second is a small, blurry and largely illegible image of a diploma- presumably supporting Dr. Dumitrascu as "legit."  Third is a 400+ word testimonial, written in poor English, that is supposedly provided by this expert.

 Diploma Vimax Pills places nest to Dr Mario Dumitrascu

Diploma from Vimax Website

Can you read this?


The pic of the diploma is troubling!  “Diploma” is the only legible word on the postage stamp-size picture.  We wanted to know some important things about this diploma: Where is it from?  When was it issued?  And most importantly, does it prove Mario Dumitrascu is a Doctor?Link to IMPRESS CATALOG PAGE TO TRY IMPRESS TODAY


To get these answers, we sent the image file to an expert who specializes in bringing peoples’ old or damaged documents back to life.  Here is how the diploma appears after image restoration:


Restored version of Dr Mario Dumitrascu diploma from vimax pills

Diploma Post-restoration

Notice "Mario Dumitrascu" is not written anywhere.




What exactly does the restored image tell us?

  • It is a medical diploma from Socialist Republic of Romania.
  • It was awarded to a Romanian born November 6, 1966.
  • It was signed October 18, 1992.
  • It indicates "General Medicine." (Urology not mentioned).


MOST important is what this DOES NOT tell us.



THE LINE WHERE THE NAME OF THE RECIPIENT BELONGS IS COMPLETELY BLANK.  Instead of containing the name “Mario Dumitrascu,” there is only blank white space. It’s bad enough this document is from Romania, but the fact the official Vimax website provides this incomplete (or possibly modified) foreign document as proof of their “expert’s” credentials should raise some eyebrows!


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The OA Internet website for the Vimax Extender also shows a picture of "Dr. Dumitrascu," but with different letters following his name- Instead of "MD," for “Medical Doctor,” the letters "RSP.D." follow his name… The same company is using two very different credentials to identify their “expert” on male sexual enhancement??? “R.S.P.”?  Never heard of it after 30 years in hospitals...


The designation "RSP" and "RSP.D." could not be located in the most authoritative resources:


1. The acronyms section of the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at "designation for healthcare professionals."

2. Abbreviations for medical personnel- Wikipedia.

3. Abbreviations for medical personnel-


Also, neither term is listed as a degree conferred by Western institutions of higher learning nor as an abbreviation for a professional society or honor for physicians in the US or Canada. OA Internet describes their "expert" two different ways- one of which means absolutely nothing to American or Canadian authorities!

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The next step of our process is to search for Dr. Dumitrascu in every US state’s physician databases of the American Medical Association as well as the College of Physicians sites for all the provinces in Canada.


In the United States:


A search of the AMA websites using the last name "Dumitrascu" as our search term found:


Of four physicians in the US with this rare last name licensed to practice medicine:


Two are females.


Two men:


Adrian G Dumitrascu (Internal Medicine, FL).


George A Dumitrascu (General Surgery, TX).


BUT, No "Mario Dumitrascu" was found in the US.

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Since Vimax pills are reportedly produced in Canada, a search of the provincial Royal College of Physicians sites for Dr. Dumitrascu was completed.  It located two Dumitrascu’s: Tatiana, a Psychologist and George an anesthesiologist. Again, no urologist named Mario Dumitrascu was located in Canada either.


In the testimonial on the official Vimax website, Dr. Dumitrascu states he conducted a study with results that would answer men's big question: "Do Vimax pills work?"  If a study proving this exists, it should be posted or at least a link provided.  Since neither was, searches of PubMed from the US National Institutes of Health, PlosOne and Google scholar were done.  No published studies by Mario Dumitrascu were found, nor were there any studies on the topic of male enhancement by anyone named Dumitrascu.


Most people would try to find this guy by typing "Dr. Mario Dumitrascu" into Google and hitting “enter.” Due to the thousands of affiliate marketers circulating Vimax information with this name; this type of search only yields pages of Vimax ads. When we use "Mario Dumitrascu -Vimax" as our search query to eliminate all Vimax Pills reviews, it’s a different story.


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Search of a leading physician- anywhere- should generate something- a research paper, a picture from a social gala, his name on the faculty roster of a hospital- something. Quite the opposite in this case. The same photographs from the Vimax website are found attached to two inactive social posting sites and that's the extent of what's returned in English.

To summarize we can safely state the following facts:


1) The Diploma found on the official website with the “Dr. Dumitrascu” review of Vimax pills is Romanian and the name is either missing or was removed- It proves nothing.


2) OA Internet lists Dr. Mario Dumitrascu as an expert, yet provides medical credentials that are not known in the US or Canada.


3) Current data from the AMA and Canadian Royal College shows there is no Mario Dumitrascu currently registered to practice medicine in the US or Canada.


4) Our search of medical literature found no published study of Vimax pills by a Dr. Mario Dumitrescu.


5) Google searches for Mario Dumitrescu that exclude the word "Vimax," provide no returns for a leading urologist by such a name.




Possible Conclusions:


  • Mario Dumitrascu is a fictitious person created to promote Vimax Pills and other OA Internet products.
  • Dumitrascu is a foreign physician with no easily-discoverable published works, enlisted as a compensated spokesperson (which is not disclosed on the official Vimax website).

Whatever the case, this conclusively proves that physician endorsements of male enhancement products cannot be taken by consumers at face value and warrant careful examination prior to selecting a dietary supplement.

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