RHINO 69 Reviews. 2017 RHINO Pill Facts.

rhino 69 PLATINUM 9000

RHINO 69 Reviews

2017 RHINO Pill Facts


Image of four versions of Rhino 69 9000 amazon pills reviewed

Facts from our NATIONAL STUDY of Male Enhancement Pills also apply to Rhino 69.


If you are looking for Rhino 69 Pill Reviews- this is the place.  There is a lot to understand about these products and much of it will come as a surprise to you.  First, let's talk about the fact these things come in so many different packages.


It's from China.  Every Last Package.

Notice the alibaba.com watermark in this picture.


"RHINO" isn't a real "Brand" or Trademark...

So many different Chinese factories make it.


Review of Rhino 69 9000 shows the pill packaging from China


The Chinese who make these products do not care if it's illegal to put the U.S. Flag on the Rhino 69 Pills.  They care even less about what ingredients people stuff into the pretty "3D Cards."  Filling these capsules in the garage and stuffing them into the Chinese packages is a cottage industry enjoyed by many ebay & Amazon sellers.  If you think these came from a real factory...  THINK AGAIN.  They don't.




"The Rhino 69 9000 from China is counterfeit...  If I look hard enough I will be able to buy GENUINE Rhino 69 9000 that's Made in the U.S.A."




A REAL supplement from a REAL supplement company will actually have a REAL website that lists REAL brand-name ingredients like IMPRESS! from MaxLabs US.


IMPRESS1600 is the strongest male enhancement pill with natural ingredients.

You will only find Rhino 69 Platinum 9000 on Amazon, ebay, fly-by-night websites and in the local sex shop or convenience store.

NOT A SINGLE ONE of these vendors will be able to state the name of an American manufacturer they obtain the Rhino 69 pills from.  NOT ONE.


Every distributor of Rhino pills in the U.S. is having these fraudulent products shipped in from the Southeast corner of China near Hong Kong.


What the Packages Tell Us

Rhino 69 Pills UPC codes- 100% registered to a defunct Florida business.
    Quantity of Ingredients- 100% claim to contain more than the capsule can even hold!
      Fake ingredient names- Lists things like deng sen extract that was proven fake in a national study.
        Lies about how long it lasts- Some Rhino 69 packs state they work 7 days while other packages boast a whopping 9 days!
          Who is stupid enough to believe this???


            Expiration Dates

            Of the four examples of RHINO 69 Platinum 9000 pictured above, only 3 have expiration dates.
            Even those with dates are non-compliant:
            One is dated to expire 12/2020.
            One is dated to expire 12/2022.
            One is dated to expire 12/2023.

              The Closest Expiration Date = 3.5 Years

              The Most Distant Date = 6.5 Years

              What's the Problem?

              Supplements aren't validated for periods over 3 years!


              Rhino 69 9000 Provides Customers with...

              Fake expiration dates.

              Fake ingredient names.

              Fake ingredient weights.

              Fake distributor names.

              Fake Country of Origin.

              No Manufacturer Name or Address.

              Nobody to contact if there's a problem.

              Grow up.  Try IMPRESS! for Men


              IMPRESS! Male Enhancement is stronger than Rhino 69 9000








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