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Rhino 7 3000 pill reviews

Rhino 7 Male Enhancement Pills are among the most recognized on the market today. Serious questions have been raised by the FDA about what's in Rhino 7.  In this post we analyze the content listed on the Rhino Pill Supplement Facts Panels.






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Rhino male enhancement supplements come in cartoonish packaging. Our comprehensive clinical analysis of these products, looks at several of their products including those labeled: Rhino 7 3000, Rhino V5, Rhino 11 7000, Rhino 8 8000 and the popular RSE7EN PILL.   An important fact is these are labeled as different products with different names and packaging, but the supplement facts panels are all exactly the same. Why is one supplement packaged so many different ways?


rhino pill ingredients on supplement facts panel of packaged male enhancement product


The "Serving Size" data from this Rhino V5 packaging raises several important questions:

    1. Is this serving size possible?
    2. Is the listed number servings reasonable?
    3. What is the story with "proprietary raw material"? 

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      1. NO!  The amount claimed is greater than what can be packed in the cap.
      2. NO!  The package states it is "3,000 servings."
      3. The term is used INCORRECTLY and listed twice. Not legally labeled. 


      Now look at their accuracy.  Are their numbers correct?

       Sartorius lab balance use to test Rhino pills at MaxLabs US

      The Rhino pill's  supplement facts panel listed “1750” for serving size and “750” for "proprietary raw material."  That simply isn't true.

      • Instead of the listed 1250 to 5000 mg, they weighed an average of 692mg.
      • No packages of Rhino pills had as much ingredient as listed on the package.
      • 900mg is all a capsule this size can hold!
      • Rhino supplements exaggerate their numbers by as much as 400%!


        Conclusion: Rhino sex pill reviews should focus more on compliance, objective analysis regarding the composition and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).  Our findings clearly demonstrate several important facts that could have important consequences for readers of this blog who may consider taking one of these products.


        Most relevant is the fact Rhino pills make no bones whatsoever about "stating the impossible" on their packages- Claims of 1750mg or more in capsules capable of only holding about 900mg.  Next is the fact the amount of content fluctuates widely from sample-to-sample, even among packages with the same label and description.


        Couple this with the fact the US FDA has, on several occasions, identified a number of cheap Chinese chemicals in these products https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/BuyingUsingMedicineSafely/MedicationHealthFraud/ucm234539.htm.  Bottom line is there may or may not be sexual enhancement drugs hidden in these Rhino pills, but if there is- YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW MUCH.  Unpredictable content is one reason tainted male enhancement pills send thousands of American men to the hospital each year and they have even been associated with death.  Don't be next!


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