Rhino Blue 6K Reviews: Does it IMPRESS!

Rhino Blue 6K Reviews: Does it IMPRESS!

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, the producers of IMPRESS! for Men want to thank the Chinese for making these new "Blue 6K" pills!

Image for Rhino Blue 6K pill review showing the front of the packaging.

The big question for Rhino is whether this new pill that's available from many ebay and bonanza merchants and offered by popular adult retailers like Lion's Den is just the same old stuff in a new shiny package.

Banner asks whether Rhino Blue 6K is actually a crossover supplement.

IMPRESS! for Men launched the idea of a "crossover" dietary supplement and registered their formula with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2016.

The crossover concept is described as "Sharp and Energized Today, Impressive Tonight and Clear Tomorrow."

Basically, the product supports men's needs for energy, stamina, erectile function and mental focus.  It also serves as an amazing hangover remedy.


image of rhino blue 6k showing their claims regarding energy boost and mental focus

When we review Rhino Blue 6K it's important to consider the ingredients as well as their quality and purposes to determine if there is any benefit and more importantly, whether there are harmful side effects.  First, let's see what background details we can uncover on the New BLUE 6K Pills!


Banner reading "blue 6K pills who makes it?  A UPC check was done for this review.


Image of UPC Code printed on the package of Rhino Blue 6K we reviewed and tested


A real review of a supplement must take into consideration exactly who produces it.  In the case of BLUE 6K we checked the GS1 Global Database to see exactly who owns the barcode stamped on this label.  The results were not surprising considering what we have found on previous Rhino pills.


The code 641606290084 was registered to a company called "GS America, Inc." in Memphis Tennessee.  Of the two telephone numbers we could find associated with this company name, one was disconnected and the other was answered by another business that had never heard of GS America and were not in the supplement business.


This makes even more alarming the fact there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO contact information on the back panel of the BLUE 6K packaging.  This is not optional- The FDA requires supplement producers to provide a complete and current address on the package- YOU have a right to reach out to those who produce your supplements in the case of an adverse event.  6K doesn't comply.


Here is a picture of the back panel:


Picture for the BLUE 6K reviews that features the back panel of the package.

Consumers should also note that their intelligence is being insulted with this product labeling.  It states that the one little capsule contains "6000mg!"  How many times have you taken legitimate medicine capsules in your life?  Ever seen a capsule that was stuffed beyond maybe 500mg or 750mg?

It's because a capsule this size can only hold about 1000mg of "pharmaceutical" content and about 800-900mg of "Botanical" content.  Whoever designed this package wants you to believe it contains 6 TIMES MORE THAN IS POSSIBLE!!!  We actually weighed these type of capsule in the lab and they were only filled to an average of less than 700mg apiece.  

image reaking blue 6k pills ingredient check.  What's in it?

Ingredient-wise, there isn't much we can say here.  The supplement facts panel is an exact duplicate of scores of other pills bearing the Rhino name.  The bad thing for consumers is that even those who are actually LOOKING FOR PILLS CONTAMINATED with Viagra don't have a sure bet here.

This "BLUE 6K" name isn't like "Gucci" or "Calvin Klein" designer brands that counterfeits are produced of.  Instead "6K" it is just a fictitious brand that is shared among many Chinese companies who export the crap to the United States.  You then pay $8 to $20 dollars for something that your retailer paid about $0.20 cents for- Not a good deal.

People and businesses who sell these products have the option of purchasing them from a lot of different Chinese factories.  In fact it is a mix and match deal- They can buy just the packaging and stuff whatever they want into it or buy it finished- filled with whatever that particular factory has decided to use.  In no case do these ever contain what's on the label- THEY ARE NOT INSPECTED BY THE FDA!


This is highly offensive to legitimate supplement companies like us who spend tremendous amount to create the strongest and safest natural male enhancement while announcing top tier pharmaceutical grade manufacturing.


 Side effects are very easy to estimate when you know exactly what is in a product.  The fact Rhino pills have been proven to not contain what is on the label coupled with the fact people may fill the pills in their garage makes side effects totally unpredictable.  Identical packages of BLUE 6K could contain anything from harmless sawdust to an overdose of Cialis to Rat Poison.  Considering these common ingredients, your Side Effects from BLUE 6k could range from headache and blurred vision all the way up to a cardiac arrest.  A ridiculous risk to take.


This is the reason a recent study in the NEJM found that thousands of Americans are hospitalized every year as a result of these products.  It's not rare- These types of imported pills land guys in the Emergency Room DAILY!  Guys have died, so picking up pills that came from China instead of a FDA & NSF inspected American plant is not a good idea.


We encourage you to actually ask vendors where THEY GET THIS stuff.  Peddling packages of imported poison like this that has "Made in the USA" printed on the package is not OK.  It's not safe and it hurts our economy.

Please consider an American Supplement from MaxLabs US


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