Rhino Hyper X Reviews. 4000mg Pills?

Rhino Hyper X Reviews (AKA HyperX)


Rhino Hyper X is another example of male enhancement supplements with a rhinocerous on the package that are imported from China by low end wholesalers.  These pills are found mainly on internet sites and in adult novelty shops.  We have observed prices for Rhino Hyper X ranging from $6.50 per card of two capsules up to about $12.


image of rhino hyper x 4000 pills review

Image of Back Panel of Rhino Hyper X Pills

I already know your first question...  "Wait, wait, you said these are from China- No way! it says Made in the USA right on the package."  Well guess what my friend- every package is made in the southeast corner of China near Hong Kong.  These aren't approved or inspected products, so the Chinese will print made in the USA on them all day long.


image of rhino hyper x manufacturer in southeast china

We have been producing REAL men's supplements for some time now and released a formal study of products related to Rhino Hyper X on BusinessWire a few months back.  I will reveal below some facts about these pills you should know before you decide to buy Hyper X.

Where to Buy Rhino Hyper X Wholesale?

Where exactly do these pills come from?  EVERY product you buy usually has the name and address of who made it printed right on the package- right?  If you look at the Rhino Hyper X package, you will notice this is NOT the case.  No name of the company, no address, no phone number- nothing.

It DOES NOT MATTER WHERE you buy them- They are Chinese SHIT.


Ask your vendor of "Rhino Pills" for a name of the company that actually produces them.  You have a legal right to valid manufacturer or distributor contact information for this class of products, but they WILL NOT BE ABLE or WILLING TO PROVIDE IT!


Image shows that rhino pills like Rhino Hyper X all come from China

Consider exactly WHY you landed on THIS website when you were looking for information on Rhino Hyper X: 1) There is NO "official" Rhino Website.  2) There is NO Rhino contact information on the package.  3) There is NO Rhino presence on ANY social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

If loaves of bread, cans of shaving cream and jugs of glass cleaner all have websites and social media presence, why wouldn't Rhino Hyper X?  THEY ARE ILLEGAL PRODUCTS, so absolutely NOBODY will take responsibility for them.

This graph shows that Rhino pills from Lion's Den, Internet sites, etc. are ALL bogus Chinese ripoff pills.

Image of data on Rhino Hyper X pills like those from website, lions den pills.

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Rhino Hyper X pills are sold as dietary supplements and the FDA requires information on who makes them to be printed on the package- NO exceptions.  Everyone who makes supplements in the USA knows this.  The only place to buy these pills wholesale is direct from China or from import companies that supply adult and convenience stores.

FDA guidance showing the rhino hyper x labeling is not compliant

C'mon, Rhino Hyper X has to be Legit- There's a UPC Code on Them...

image of UPC CODE 649964965606 shown for Rhino Hyper X pill reviews

Oh really?  Here's the UPC code printed on the Rhino Hyper X package: #649964965606.  If you cut and paste that UPC code into the World-leading GS-1 Database accessible at  http://gepir.gs1.org/index.php/search-by-gtin you will discover the barcode is registered to a company called Ilau Nursery in Hawaii- A company that State of Hawaii (documents accessible here) shows the company was dissolved in 2005- 12 YEARS AGO!!!

Ilau Nursery the listed owner of Rhino Hyper X pills UPC code out of business from 2005.

Our research has found that the inactive barcodes of defunct businesses are predominant on this type of "animal card" supplement.

What are the Rhino Hyper X Ingredients?

image of the rhino hyper x ingredients from supplement facts panel

Close-up Image of Rhino Hyper X Ingredients


The supplement facts panel on the back of the package is identical to those found on scores of other Chinese male enhancement pills.  The big tip-off this product is bogus is the fact they list "deng sen extract" as an ingredient.  Research relased in 2017 proved this ingredient name is totally fake.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING as "Deng Sen Extract!"

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When it comes to "Actual content," some of these will contain a chinese version of viagra, while others will just contain filler.  Since identical packs come from lots of different Chinese manufacturers, there is no telling exactly what's in them- Maybe you'r getting Chinese viagra for $12 or maybe you're getting sawdust or rat poison for $12...

Is Rhino Hyper X the Best Rhino Pill?

If you are wondering if Rhino Hyper X is the best Rhino Pill because there are two capsules in the package, here's the deal.  The websites selling these pills and the packaging state this is a 4000mg supplement.  That sounds strong right?  Well, if the Made in the USA and the "Deng Sen Extract" were fishy- this is even fishier.


These capsules are common and any real supplement producer can tell you EXACTLY what capsules this size can be filled to in mg.  Guess what?  800mg to 900mg is about all you can pack into this size.  If Rhino Hyper X was labeled "1800mg per serving" it might be believable, but the "4000mg" printed on the package makes it a joke to anyone who is in healthcare or the supplement business that knows it's obviously false.

The truth about Rhino Hyper X is that it's another fraudulent product that's being shipped-in around the FDA and Customs by wholesalers who get this cheap shit for about $0.25 cents apiece.  That's why they are perfectly fine when a box gets seized occasionally- they are selling the other 90% at $12 APIECE to those who beleive in Deng Sen extract and 4000mg capsules.

What's the better alternative?

Our team came from the healthcare sector and other heavily-regulated, FDA compliant businesses.  We decided to see if we could make the strongest male enhancement pill by partnering with the world's biggest ingredient developers- and we succeeded.  IMPRESS! for Men features all name brand ingredients, two 800mg capsules stuffed to capacity.  Powerful ingredients like Natreon Sensoril, Sabinsa FenuSterols, PrimaVie and Naturex Cereboost.  It's the strongest and most expensive supplement ever made for men, but you can own it for far less than Rhino Hyper X.

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