Rhino MV7 Reviews. For Real Facts!

Rhino MV7 Reviews

If you're looking for Rhino MV7 Reviews, chances are you have seen these pills in an adult store or maybe sitting atop the counter of a convenience store and are wondering if they are any good.  The good news is that we have done more reviews of Rhino pills than anyone else and can answer your questions quickly.

If you didn't know already, pills like Rhino MV7 don't come from some big U.S.-based supplement company named "Rhino" thats busy making dozens of supplements.  We will show you a couple of interesting (AND EASILY VERIFIED) facts that prove these pills retailers charge you $10 bucks for are actually 20 cents worth of Chinese shit.


Gold bar reads who makes rhino mv7

First off, for this MV7 Review, let's look at the back of the package seen below to see who supposedly produces and distributes Rhino MV7.


Image for rhino mv7 reviews showing back panel of pack highlighting distributor and upc

The distributor name printed on the back of the Rhino MV7 package is "P & D International Inc" in Los Angeles, CA.  The UPC code provided is 610708203035.  Using the State of California's Secretary of State "Business Entity Search" and the GS1 GPIR UPC Database, we can get more information on those supposedly behind this product.


Heading bar reads california data on MV7

 When the listed distributor name "P & D International Inc" is entered into the California Secretary of State's Business Search, here is what is returned on P & D International...


Image of official california data from the Rhino MV7 package showing distributor is defunct

This company is NO LONGER IN BUSINESS!

The information in the red boxes make it quite clear the company that's supposed to be producing these fresh batches of pills has been out of business for some time.  The SOS (Secretary of State) / FTB Suspended means P & D was suspended for failure to meet tax requirements such as paying taxes.  Still think these Rhino pills are on the up and up?  Lets look at the UPC code next...


Header reads UPC data on MV7

It would be routine and expected that research of the Rhino MV7 barcode should tell us who produces the pills.  After all, if you plug our supplements' bar code in you get our mailing address.  Let's see what GS1 returned for Rhino MV7 in the image below...


Image showing Elegant Music of Altadena Ca as the owner of the MV7 barcode

The name business name "Elegant Music" at 3190 Crestford Dr in Altadena CA is listed as owner of the Rhino MV7 barcode.  Let's see what their "factory" looks like below...


Image of 3190 Crestford Dr in Altadena Ca where the Rhino MV7 UPC code is registered

You shouldn't be surprised at this point, but the address where the Rhino MV7 barcode was registered is a shanty in the L.A. area rather than a manufacturing plant.  A search for "Elegant Music" at this address found a mobile DJ service with bad reviews on Yelp, but NO supplement operation.


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