RHINO Platinum 10K Reviews

Rhino Platinum 10K Reviews

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Is Platinum 10K REALLY the Best Rhino pill yet?  We have the facts.

Image of Rhino Platinum 10K Pill Special Edition Male Enhancement

The numbers on these male enhancement supplements just keep getting bigger.  There was Rhino 3K (Black 3K), bl4ck 4K, Rhino 5K, Rhino 7K and now we find Platinum 10K on the virtual shelves of ebay merchants and hanging on the pegs of local adult stores.  What you need to know about this latest Rhino pill is ALL right here...


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Truth is, YOU COULD MAKE & SELL THESE (or any other Rhino pill).  FACT: Anyone with access to Skype and a credit card can (and does)!  A quick chat with someone in China, give them credit card details and in several days a DHL express package labeled as "grocery supplies" arrives at the address of your choosing.  Platinum 10K, Rhino 7, Rhino- whatever... they are happy to sell it.




example of rhino pills like platinum 10K offered by chinese manufacturers on alibaba.com

Just look these products up on Alibaba or MadeinChina.com- And NO, they aren't counterfeit because there is NO "original."  Look wherever you choose, you won't find an American producer for the many compliance reasons we cover below.  EVERY pack of Rhino, including Platinum 10K are unregistered names used by Chinese factories.


The scariest fact is they will sell ANYONE the empty capsules and packaging too- THAT's why reviews are so varied.  The packs all LOOK the same, but what's inside is never known until you test that particular package.  A STUPID risk to take with your health, but selling 20 cents worth of Chinese shit for anywhere from $5 to $19.99 may motivate many, right?

It was obviously time to take a look at Platinum 10K since many of the online merchants selling them on Amazon and ebay are making claims that this is the best and strongest rhino pill ever.  If this is your first visit to our site, understand we have done more in-depth reviews and National press releases on these products than anyone else.  This info on Rhino 10K will blow your mind.


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Let's take a look at the front of this latest Rhino pill.  There isn't much information- it just reads "Special Edition Platinum 10K," has an icon that looks like a rhinocerous and there's a standard size "00" capsule visible that's been placed in a 2 cent Chinese "capsule jar."  This is important.


Image of front of Rhino special edition platinum 10K pill

Banner reads Facts Rhino Platinum 10K capsule jar

When you set-up production of a supplement, every detail SHOULD BE watched- including the packaging.  Once capsules have been filled, they are tightly sealed and SHOULD be packed into airtight, foil-backed packaging using processes that KEEP PEOPLE FROM TOUCHING THEM!

The type of packaging Platinum 10K is placed in REQUIRES THE OPPOSITE- These little Chinese "Bullet Packs" look fancy, but they arent used in REAL supplement factories that follow sanitary guidelines because these MUST BE FILLED BY HAND!

Image of Chinese capsule jar for sex pills reading rhino platinum 10k capsule jar

The picture shown above is from a Chinese company called Rainbow that produces a lot of Rhino pill packaging.  You're not likely to find anyone making these in the United States because packing supplements using a package like this wouldn't meet the standards of US-based, NSF or FDA inspected plants.  Want to get sick from someone's dirty fingers handling your pill- Rhino Platinum 10K may be the ticket.


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What Does a CLOSE Look at the Back Tell US?

Picture of back of Rhino Platinum 10K package with numerals by ingredients and other facts

banner reads facts rhino platinum 10K "10K MG Pill"

Picture compares the actual weight of rhino platinum 10K ingredients to a 10000mg pill

Dont feel like a fool.  You wouldn't know this unless you were a healthcare professional, pharmacist or supplement producer, but Rhino should have stopped way back when they were putting "3K" on the packages.  A capsule large enough to actually hold 10,000mg WOULDN'T FIT DOWN YOUR THROAT!  Don't believe me?  CHECK: Capsule Capacity Chart from World-leading Capsugel Corporation.

The "10K" implies there is 10,000mg in these capsules- That's about 10 TIMES WHAT THEY CAN ACTUALLY HOLD!!!  In reality, samples of Rhino pills we tested are usually well-under 800mg- NOT 3,000 to 10,000. Sad but true- We are the first to call these products out on this.  How do they get away with this?  The answer is- They aren't going to for much longer (details coming).


Banner reads facts rhino platinum 10K / 24 servings per package

image from rhino platinum 10k that states package contains 24 pills

The packages of Platinum 10K pills are labeled individually for retail sale.  The words "one capsule equals one serving" are present as well, but why do they also print "24 capsules per container" on this package.  Not the type of mistake someone who professionally produces supplements in the USA would make- Ever.


banner reads rhino platinum 10K ingredients.

Let's Compare:

image of rhino 5K, rhino 6k and rhinol platinum 10k ingredients side by side.

The reason you see these Rhino pills arising again and again with the exact same ingredient lists is simple.  These pills are just Chinese hocus-pocus. Obviously, if they put nonsense on the label like "weighs 10,000mg," everything else is baloney too.

In addition to blowing the lid off the ingredient weight fiasco, we were the first to report Nationally that the Rhino Platinum 10K ingredient "Deng Sen Extract" is a made up name.  Yes, there are things on this list that belong in a cartoon- NOT a supplement facts panel.

Since the products are illegally imported, they just change the appearance and slap a different name on it as soon as the FDA and Customs enforcement start confiscating one version.  The Chinese can turn-around a total package redesign in just hours.


Banner reads rhino platinum 10K fake alert indicates details from the package back

This tidbit doesnt just go for Rhino Platinum 10K- You can apply this to most any supplement on the market.  Funny, but if it has some vague warning on it that states "Beware of Fakes"- It's a fake Chinese supplement like Rhino you are looking at.  Real supplements have subtle counterfeit measures designed into their packaging- Why would you waste the precious space on your packaging to state such nonsense as "Beware of Fakes?"


Banner reads rhino platinum 10K upc code

If i were to ask you to look up the UPC code of a product to see if it was registered to a legitimate manufacturer, what would you do?  Most guys would just type the code into google or some other search engine and hit enter.  If you do that with most of these Chinese supplements like Rhino Platinum 10K, what google will find and return to you are the instances where retailers have listed the product for sale and included the UPC code in their advertisement....  But what about the manufacturer?

This is where we will help you to understand how products are produced and registered to find the truth about Rhino Platinum 10K Special Edition.  Legitimate UPC barcodes (the kind you must have to do business with major retail chains) are administered Worldwide by GS1- the barcode authority.  What do you think GS1 has to say about the barcode on Rhino 10K?

Just like Black 5K pills, the UPC code stamped on this product is assigned to a company called Illau Nursery in Hawaii- A company that has been out of business for OVER A DECADE.  The truth is that if you research the codes of male enhancement products like Rhino that are offered in adult stores and online merchants- almost all of the UPC codes are poached from closed businesses or in some cases were never registered at all.  Unfortunately, this is another clear indication Platinum 10K is a bogus Chinese pill with "Made in USA" stamped on the package.


Banner reads rhino platinum 10K expiration date

 Simple observation here that tells us 100% (again) this didn't come from an FDA-inspected US factory.  Dietary supplements have to make some reference to the date of manufacture or expiration.  Platinum 10K, if produced in the US would state "Expires on," "Manufactured on," or something akin to "Best by" that tells you whether it's still within date.  Ensuring such information is present on packaging is NOT "OPTIONAL!"  There is however NO indication of a date on Platinum 10K.  People and companies who peddle this crap love it because they can take as long as they need to sell it without worrying about the expiration date.

Another crucial piece of information thats missing from this latest Rhino pill is the name of a manufacturer or distributor.  The US Code of Federal Regulations that covers dietary supplements clearly states the consumer must be provided this information along with COMPLETE contact information- Consistent with the other aspects of this product, there is NO CONTACT INFORMATION whatsoever.


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