Rhino Rush 50 13000 Reviews: Includes Solo 50, Duo 60 & Trio 70

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If you're looking for expert Rhino Rush 50 Pill Reviews, you have come to the right place!  This male enhancement product has been produced in a series, so I'm also providing Rhino Rush 60 Duo Reviews and Rhino Rush 70 Trio Reviews while I'm at it.  The only real difference between these Rhino pills is the number of pills per pack, but I will give you all the details ONLY an expert can...


Let's look at the Rhino Rush 50 (aka Solo 12000) ingredients listed on the back of the package.

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Well, there is some bad news right off the bat when we look at the Rhino Rush 50, 60 & 70 ingredients lists.  The folks who are slapping these pills together thought it would be cool to show the amount of ingredients in "IU" instead of "MG" (milligrams).  There is a MAJOR problem with this.  NONE of the ingredients listed on Rhino Rush 50 can be measured in IU.

 Only a handful of health products are measured in International Units.  Check Wikipedia or the World Health Organization who sets the standards for use of IU, but a few vitamins (A, C, D, & E) and insulin are rare examples you might recognize.

MOST IMPORTANT: IU can ONLY be used to measure ONE ingredient for which a reference standard exists.  You CANNOT lump a bunch of ingredients together and declare "this Rhino Rush 50 weighs 12000 IU.THIS FACT ALONE PROVES THE PRODUCT IS ILLEGALLY PRODUCED AND IS NOT FDA COMPLIANT.

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As you can guess, this review of Rhino Rush pills is not my first dance with this devil.  I'm one of the few in the male enhancement business you will actually find in the news.  When it comes to the listed ingredients, another old foe arises- "Deng Se Extract."  In fact, we have paid research announced in a NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE that proved there is NO SUCH THING.  Yes, Rhino Rush 50, Rhino Rush 60 and Rhino Rush 70 ALL list an ingredient that DOES NOT EXIST! Ask your Amazon seller or internet retailer to prove otherwise- THEY CAN'T.


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Image for rhino rush 50 pill reviews includes image of rhino rush 12000 duo and trio 13000

So Rhino Rush 50 Solo, 60 Duo and Trio 70 lie about the weight of the ingredients by using International Units and also list fake ingredient names.  Who could do this?  And more importantly, who is it that's supposed to honor that "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" thats printed on the front of these packages?  Look closely at the three images below and tell me if you see a campany name?  an address?  a phone number?  a website? an email address?  ANYTHING that would put you in touch with the maker of Rhino Rush Pills???


image of the packaging for rhino rush solo 12000, duo 12000 and trio 13000

As you can plainly see, there is ZERO contact information on these Rhino Rush male enhancement packages- NONE!  If there's rat poison in the pills... tough luck.  If they don't work... tough luck.  Placing such information of dietary supplements isn't just a convenience, it is a FDA REQUIREMENT the Chinese who REALLY produce these pills totally disregard.


Link to Securing Industry with our Research on Fake Sex Pills

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The link above will take you to a story in Securing Industry Online that covers our research on the use of fictitious and resold barcodes on fake pills like Rhino Rush 50 Solo, Duo 60, and Trio 70.  We applied the same principles covered in that story to these three Rhino Rush pills.  Guess what???  Same story- barcode registered to nonexistent company in Louisiana.


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