Rhino ULTIMATE 3500 Reviews. Fact Check.

Rhino ULTIMATE 3500 Reviews. Fact Check.

Like us, you have probably seen Ultimate 3500 popping-up on ebay and in a few adult stores recently.  There are a few differences with this latest series of Rhino pills- you may have noticed that since MaxLabs US introduced IMPRESS! for Men, Rhino has started adding wording on the packages about "enhancing the mind," "boosting energy," etc.  Previous versions haven't reflected any ingredient changes, so we wanted to give Ultimate 3500 a close look for you to see if it really is a competitor.


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 Let's look at the back of the Rhino Ultimate 3500 Packaging to review required data and see what it tells us.

image for rhino ultimate 3500 pill showing ingredients, manufacturing and ownership

In the case of Ultimate 3500, it looks like a lot of the familiar trickery we have seen lately is still in play with this pill.  Notice the claimed 3500mg ingredient weight is over THREE TIMES what the capsule can actually hold.

As for the ingredient list, this is the same as we have observed on many of the recent batches of fake rhino pills and even includes the fake "deng sen extract" that was called-out in a National report.



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We have also seen that the fakes coming out have no distributor name, no manufacturer name and UPC codes that aren't registered to a supplement company.  Well, Ultimate 3500 isn't looking too good here. 

No manufacturer or distributor name (a FDA REQUIREMENT for supplements) and the UPC code is registered to a company in Memphis, TN that has been closed for years (see details below).


the rhino ultimate 3500 reviews cover this data from state of TN showing upc owner defunct

So what does all of this mean for a guy trying to find the best Rhino pill?  It means you need to quit looking for Chinese shit, because that's EXACTLY what Rhino Ultimate 3500 is.  No date of manufacture or expiration, no address or phone number, fake ingredient names, an exaggerated ingredient weight that's over THREE times what the capsule will hold and all in a "NEW" package with a UPC code assigned to a company that last did business in 1999!

Who is dumb enough to swallow a pill that doesn't even have a real company name on the package???

It would be easy to go on and on, but we will hope you instead decide to try the American brand these guys are trying to copy: IMPRESS! Dietary Supplement for Men.


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