Viril X Reviews: Ingredients, Value, Effectiveness

Viril X Reviews: Ingredients, value, effectiveness




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This report on Viril-X reviews the ingredients- a total of 21 which places this product in our “Kitchen Sink Blend” category.  The biggest challenge with supplements including so many ingredients in their formula is that it’s quite difficult to give the customer an effective amount of any single item on the list.


Most natural male enhancement supplements will suggest taking between 1 and 3 capsules per day with the capsules each able to hold about 900mg of natural extract.


Now consider if you take 3 capsules you are only going to be consuming a maximum of about 2,700mg of ingredients.  Compare this 2,700mg to the amounts of each Viril X ingredient studied for male enhancement and one fact becomes quite clear- Even a 3 capsule dose isn’t enough to deliver an effective quantity of their #1 listed ingredient- Korean Ginseng.  3000MG PER DAY IS WHAT HAS BEEN STUDIED.


If you continue down the Viril-X ingredient list, you will see that it would take OVER TEN CAPSULES to get enough of just the top 4 ingredients.  This is not to say any of the items they have chosen are “bad,” there just isn’t enough of them and especially since the list doesn’t include “highly-standardized extracts.”  Such extracts are more concentrated than the ones specified in Viril X.      


Google is one of the biggest reasons many supplement producers choose to list so many of these ingredients.  They know consumers are likely to look these up and see that in many cases they have been shown to be (at least to some extent) to be helpful in male enhancement.  The consumer, however, rarely considers the important question of “How much of this do I need to take to do anything?”


The answer here is that Viril-X doesn't contain enough of anything proven as effective male enhancement.




Supplement safety concerns can be assessed by considering several of what the FDA calls “Questionable Assumptions”


The first of these assumptions is: "Even if a product may not help me, it at least won't hurt me." There is only one Virli X ingredient that really concerns us and that’s “orchic substance.”  This is, for a lack of better words, a material made from “bull balls.”  Compared to natural plant extracts, animal-based ingredients carry a higher risk of contamination.  We have seen many of these are marketed as “raw” extracts which could make the risk even higher.  As for a risk of toxicity, it would seem rather low considering the rather small quantities of ingredient in Viril X.


Questionable Assumption #2: "When I see the term 'natural,' it means that a product is healthful and safe." We believe that the product, while not incredibly potent, is produced from natural materials and probably carries low risk for an individual who has been cleared by a physician to take them.


Questionable Assumption #3:  " A product is safe when there is no cautionary information on the product label." Consumers who want to research the safety of a specific dietary supplement need to contact the manufacturer directly. It is their responsibility to determine whether the supplement is safe and that the label claims are truthful and not misleading.  This is not a “top shelf” product, but it does appear the marketing company who sells it used a compliant contract manufacturer.  We have not found any recalls of Viril-X by the FDA which has been a big concern for many other brands.



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IMPRESS! specifies large quantities of strong, brand name bioactives in a two capsule serving.  IMPRESS! can be purchased in quantities as small as one serving, so you don’t have to get stuck with a big bottle full of cheap extract like that found in VIRIL-X.  The most expensive blend of exotic ingredients ever prepared in a supplement for men and it offers several advantages over competitors the FDA can appreciate:


The brand name ingredients from major manufacturers have studies that substantiate the structure and function claims made for these extracts- Real evidence-based research.


Tests on the safety and efficacy of the IMPRESS! ingredients are readily available.


Quality controls to determine if the product actually contains what is stated on the label and is free of contaminants- 100%!  In fact, the product is tested multiple times with some ingredients tested 3 times by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and/or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMR).




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