Impress dietary supplement for men.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: I don't see zinc or other dietary minerals & vitamins listed as ingredients.  Why not?  A lot of other pills say zinc is the "silver bullet" for sexual enhancement.

Answer:  We are fans of vitamins & minerals, but not in this type of product.  Zinc is a popular story in male enhancement, but facts must prevail- Even a typical fast food diet is likely to provide the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Zinc.  Supplemental zinc, in the absence of a deficiency, isn't going to have any impact and Zinc deficiency is extremely rare in the United States.  The space in capsules is limited, so our focus is on providing proven high-potency bioactives you don't get in your diet.  

2. Question: I felt mildly euphoric when I took IMPRESS!  Is it really a safe, natural product?

Answer:  Yes.  IMPRESS! contains high-potency natural bioactives which are extracts from naturally occurring ingredients.  The dosage is aligned to the average American male weight of 192 lb.  The ingredients aligned to our "Sharp & Energized" category may, in some cases, contribute to the euphoric feeling you suggest- particularly if IMPRESS! is taken with alcohol or you are well below the average weight.  If you don't enjoy the feeling, try taking just one of the two 800mg capsules next time.  Most simply report a pleasant "happy" feeling which was one of our objectives.

3. Question:  Why does IMPRESS! discriminate against women?  Why can't they take it?

Answer:  The testosterone-boosting ingredients are the most important reason women should not take IMPRESS! While useful for men, they can reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, increasing the risk of unintended pregnancy.  Other reasons include the higher dosage intended for men.  A properly-designed women's formula will contain bioactives specifically aligned to their needs and unique physiology- IMPRESS! is strictly a men's formulation.

4. Question:  Why does IMPRESS! state "Globally-Sourced Content" on the package instead of "Made in the USA?"

Answer:  We love American-made products too.  IMPRESS! is designed, tested, assembled and packaged in the USA.  Unfortunately, the ingredients just aren't available as cash crops in the U.S.  Our US-based supplier partners operate sophisticated plants worldwide to bring in the absolute best raw materials.  Assembling foreign-sourced materials in the U.S. doesn't earn you the right to claim "Made in the USA" on your packaging, but many supplement producers do not comply with these Federal standards.

5. Question:  I have looked at sexual enhancement pills that claim to work for three, five or even seven days.  Are they better than IMPRESS! ?

Answer:  Claims of sexual enhancement pills working for periods of 3-5 days (or longer) are just hype from unethical manufacturers.  Consider the long-acting prescription ED medication Cialis (Tadalafil) which is excreted entirely from the body in 36 hours.  Many of the Chinese brands that spike their pills with Tadalafil (or similar) make these claims, but even large doses of these adulterants will not cause them to remain in the system longer- It only increases risk of toxicity.

6. Question:  If I take IMPRESS! while I'm at work, will I be walking around with an erection all day?

Answer:  Probably not, but that depends on your situation.  IMPRESS! will not cause an involuntary / spontaneous erection in the absence of stimulation, but if you do become aroused the erection may be more pronounced.

7. Question:  Why doesn't IMPRESS! come in bottles?

Answer:  IMPRESS! was conceived as a special treat men would enjoy on "big days," weekends, "special nights," vacations, etc., so the pocked-sized two pack made sense.  Fast-acting IMPRESS! is not "a program" that you have to take every day, but if demand by "daily use" fans necessitates, we will introduce a bottled version.

8. Question:  I didn't see a "Satisfaction Guarantee."  What's the deal?

Answer:  We are in a completely different position than our competitors who offer "Satisfaction Guarantees."  Many brands spend up to 97% less per dose on ingredients than what we spend on IMPRESS!  Consider the material in 2 capsules of IMPRESS! is worth more than what's in some competitors entire bottle- See why they can afford to give it away?  If you're skeptical, get a two-pack to try.  Whatever your opinion, vote with social media and your wallet. We know you'll be back.  If you have a problem or question please call us at 844.MAX.LABS.

9. Question:  Will IMPRESS! make my penis larger or make my penis longer?


Answer:  We do not claim IMPRESS! will make your penis larger permanently.  It does however contain ingredients intended to increase blood-flow which may result in harder, longer or thicker erections temporarily while the product is in effect.

10. Question:  Do I have to worry about discreet packaging of my shipment?

Answer:  No, a plain USPS box is what ships.